Monki Bistro

23 Jun
Trio of chocolate mini- domes from MonkiBistro

Trio of chocolate mini- domes from MonkiBistro

I am pretty sure that half of my recent restaraunt visits lately have come directly from Instagram… between neat ice cream places and cool eateries – there’s also Monki Bistro. (Seriously… check out the Monki Bistro Instagram feed. Maybe not on an empty stomach though…)

Well, I put the idea forward to the little foodie group I’m a part of, and one Sunday afternoon we headed there, en mass.

Fantastic mint-filled lemonade at Monki Bistro

Fantastic mint-filled lemonade at Monki Bistro

With a reservation for 10, I was a little worried that this tiny, trendy place with a reputation online for long line ups would have us elbow-to-elbow with other guests, but since it was a sunny day, their patio was open, and it was a Sunday… we were actually in super-luck! They took my reservation, and me and 9 of my foodie friends went down for a bite.

I started with the mint lemonade which was just LOADED with mint and super refreshing. (Especially since I’d spent the previous few hours running around downtown trying to catch Pokemon!)

My friend's salad from MonkiBistro

My friend’s salad from MonkiBistro

I knew from their instagram feed and the online menu, that I wanted to save my appetite for dessert… but it felt a little weird to dive straight into the sweets, so I did order some savory food too. One of my friends ordered one of their salad bowls loaded with spinach, quinoa, yam, turmeric, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds and more.  She’s vegetarian, and appreciated that there were a few things on the menu that she could eat – although it’s a small menu… so if you have specific food issues, do check in advance.

Spicy fries from MonkiBistro

Spicy fries from MonkiBistro

For my savory… I went for the spicy fries served with a lemon aioli. Honestly, despite the name they weren’t spicy at all, and the aioli wasn’t very lemony. They were… ok.  Not the star of this story though by far. Next time I’ll try something else, or have something before I go and dive right into the dessert….


Two friends shared the 'shareable platter' from MonkiBistro

Two friends shared the ‘shareable platter’ from MonkiBistro

Two friends opted to share the Monki Taster Platter, which is listed as sharable…

Now.. we noted that it’s not actually super shareable between two people, since it only has one slider, and five wings – still they figured it out and thought it was tasty. They had theirs with truffle fries – which as soon as the platter came out I could tell – the scent of the truffle oil was really strong. I’ve had truffle fries a few times before – and there aren’t too many places that get the balance right for my tastebuds. While my friends were happy with it – my sampled fry was just too strong in taste for my liking.

They did say that the slider was awesome (albeit messy to eat.. as they always are!) and that the wings were great.

But now… on to those desserts…..

I ordered the trio of mini domes… these are chocolate domes filled with either fruit, brownie, mousse, cookies, or other lovely bits. There’s a salted caramel sauce that is poured over the domes to melt the chocolate.  I ordered the plate that had an Earl Grey flavoured dome, a Turmeric flavoured dome, and a Matcha flavoured dome.

So… the yay – it is just so neat! Super filling, loads of flavour…

The… nay – the server pours the sauce.

Now.. no big deal, right? But the sauce was WAY too sweet for me, and it was on EVERYTHING. I also don’t really LIKE caramel that much. I had hoped the sauce would be served in it’s own little pitcher that I could pour over the brownie if it needed a little more moisture or flavour. It would also mean I would be able to taste the chocolate – rather than it being sort of melted chocolate puddle. Next time… next time I shall have it with the sauce on the side (or no sauce if that’s not an option…)

One of the other guests had the full-size dome, and this thing was HUGE. Like… two people had to help him eat it huge (mind you, everyone had also had sliders or wings, or other food before the desserts came out.) This is filled with matcha mousse, strawberries, and brownies too. I had a piece of the unmelted chocolate, shell and it was SO good.

Another friend had the bubble waffle, and it looked cool too – but.. No photos.. cus I was busy eating my melty domes…

Monki Bistro
1301 10 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB
(587) 352-7131

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