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31 Aug

In late August, I attended a pot-luck gathering with a medieval theme (those readers who also follow my Dawn’s Dress Diary blog know more about this!) and for it I decided to pick two recipes from a Viking Age Norse cookbook. (Found online; I don’t actually have the cookbook, nor have I done any research to see if these recipes are well-documented.)

The cookbook can be found here. (PDF)

The first was honey-nut cake, and the second was wheat & hazelnut pudding.

Honey Nut Cake

The Honey Nut Cake

The Honey Nut Cake

I chose to alter the recipe as recommended, using both hazelnuts and walnuts. (the original had more egg, and no walnuts, and the poster said it was too thin). From what I’ve read, hazelnuts were grown in Viking Age Scandinavia, while they imported the walnuts. Shells of both have been found in Viking settlements, and walnut shells were also used as dye.

2 cup hazelnuts
1 cup walnuts
1 cup dried apple
1 1/2 cups ml honey
2 eggs

I finely chopped and blended the nuts and apple in my food processor, then mixed in the remaining ingredients, and baked the “cake” in a greased pan at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

The result is sort of a granola-bar like texture, quite sweet, but it falls apart like a crumble very easily. I’ll serve it as a topping for the pudding below.

Wheat & Hazelnut Pudding

Hazelnut pudding before baking

Hazelnut pudding before baking

I mostly followed the recipe for this one, with a few minor changes.

Hazelnut pudding right out of the oven

Hazelnut pudding right out of the oven

It looks more like a bread pudding than a sweet dessert pudding.

Trying a bit of my hazelnut pudding

Trying a bit of my hazelnut pudding

It’s quite filling, and not too sweet though.
The original recipe is as follows:
8 ounces of bulgur wheat
8 ounces of hazelnuts – shelled & crushed
3 eggs
½ cup sour cream
2 cups milk or one cup of milk with heavy cream.
1 cup of honey
3 ounces of butter

I used a container of sour cream, which was slightly more than half a cup. I also added a small container of whipping cream, and then added milk to top off the measuring cup to 2 1/2 cups. I didn’t want a tablespoon of whipping cream or sour cream to be sitting in my fridge..

I boiled the bulgur wheat (which I purchased at Superstore in their ‘international foods’ section – with the Lebanese food products) until it was similar to oatmeal. When I couldn’t find the bulgur at Safeway, I picked up some oats instead, and I think it would probably work equally well (if someone can’t have wheat for instance, but can have oats…).
I crushed the nuts in my food processor, and then roasted them to get a better flavour. Then I blended everything together (apart from the butter), and poured it into two baking dishes (It makes a LOT of food) and topped it with a bit of butter (I don’t think I used 3 whole ounces though) and baked it at about 300 for an hour.

It was quite good served warm, though I think I’ll have to serve it cool at the event, since I don’t know if there will be re-heating options.

What else?

In my next post I’ll show off some of the other dishes other guests brought! Stay tuned!

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