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Sweet Tooth rolled Ice Cream

Two rolled ice cream creations from Sweet Tooth Ice Cream in Chinatown, Calgary

Two rolled ice cream creations from Sweet Tooth Ice Cream in Chinatown, Calgary

Rolled Ice Cream – I think I’m a little late to the party, because a friend was trying to get me to try out rolled ice cream LAST summer when there was a food truck in Calgary specializing in it. However… that never did happen. (Food trucks are always downtown during lunch and I don’t work downtown!)

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Tea: Iron Goddess – Tieguanyin

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

I brought one of my little tea-chests to work not too long ago, mostly filled with gifted teas – one of which is Iron Goddess.

Since it was a gift, I don’t know where it comes from (though I have my guesses..) but I found a few write-ups online about this oolong tea, including a charming story on

Legend of Iron Goddess:
Centuries ago there lived a poor farmer in the Fujian Province of China. He lived by a temple that was dedicated to the Iron Goddess of Mercy. The temple was in poor condition since it wasn’t kept by anyone for a long time. The farmer cleaned the temple and burned incense to honor the Goddess. Touched by the poor farmer’s devotion to her temple, the Iron Goddess appeared to him in a dream and told him to find a treasure left for him behind her temple. The farmer woke up and searched all over the temple for the treasure only to find a small tea bush. When the farmer made tea from this bush, he noticed a unique fragrance and wonderful sweet taste. Delighted, he grew this tea bush and gave some of it to his neighbors so that they can also enjoy this treasure from the Goddess. Word spread of this wonderful tea and thus the Fujian Province became famous for the origin of this tea.

The taste is just slightly sweet, and very mellow.  I am not a huge fan of green tea, so oolongs seem to split the difference for me – plus they have less caffeine than black teas!

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Tea: Organic North African Mint

David's Teas Organic North African Mint loose leaf tea

David’s Teas Organic North African Mint loose leaf tea

Even if you don’t usually like green teas, I think you might like this green tea from David’s Tea.

I tried this tea recently when it popped out of the holiday crackers I mentioned in my pre-holiday post.  Both myself and the other person I pulled the cracker with both got North African Mint, and it was only a few weeks later when I realized that I had this tea already – it was one of the (many) I had taken to work!

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Tea: Kusmi Almond

The last time Connie and I were in Banff we stopped in at our favorite tea shop and picked up a few favorites plus a few new things  One of the things that she tried was Kusmi Almond Tea, and I loved the scent too – so recently she brought it by for me to try.

While I loved the tea in the store, I found the scent this time around a bit strange, almost too strong of an almond scent – as though it were a bit chemical.  This might be that it was a fresh container (versus the container in the shop) or just my mood on the two different days.  There is a very strong almond scent, and a slight bitterness with the green tea.

When I steeped it up, the scent remained, though the green tea scent was more predominant, and the almond scent was significantly less.

In taste, I found this tea a bit too bitter for me, so I added sweetener, and yes, skim milk (I know the purists will clutch their pearls at adding milk to green tea – but it improved it for me!) The green tea flavour definitely took over the tea, and the almond flavour wasn’t hardly noticeable at all to me.  (Perhaps because I am so sensitive to the taste of the green tea…?)

Overall, like the Kusmi Violet tea that I tried, (which I’ll blog about later!) I found that there wasn’t enough of the flavour in the tea – that the addition seemed mostly scent rather than taste.

Have you tried the Kusmi Almond tea?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below!  Are there other Kusmi teas that you prefer?

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

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Tea: Organic Ever Green

I must have had the sniffles when I had this Organic Ever Green tea from David’s Tea, because from the dry tea I expected mint and pear…neither of which are listed as ingredients in this tea.

Instead, this tea is a combination of sencha green tea, cranberries, blueberries, caraway seed, mustard seed and sea lettuce.

Organic EverGreen tea

Organic EverGreen tea

When steeped up it smelled sort of savory, and sort of berry-like (although perhaps having read the ingredients I could smell the berries since I knew they were there).

The first sip was delightful. The second sip left a strange taste in my mouth. The third taste was delightful again.

I really don’t know how to describe this tea!

I am not a big green tea fan, but this tea only has a little of the tell-tale bitterness or grassyness that I usually associate with green teas. I added sweetener, and it was sweet – but not in the sense of making it a sweet tea. The flavours are complex; to the point that I really don’t know what to tell you about this tea. I can’t say “if you like berry teas, get it” because there isn’t a distinct berry flavour. I can’t say “If you like green teas it might be a nice change” because it really doesn’t have a lot of ‘green tea’ flavour.

My conclusion… try it – but get a small amount, because I suspect that this might be one of those “love it or hate it” teas. As for me, I’m undecided…or at least on the first cup.

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Tea: Irish Green tea

A while back a friend gave me a bunch of teas, and little by little I’ve been going through them.  Unfortunately I don’t know where any of them came from, so it’s a bit hard to give a full review – since I have no idea where to get more if it’s something I really like (or suggest others try out for that matter) and no idea where to stay away from if it’s terrible…

Irish Green loose leaf Tea

Irish Green loose leaf Tea

Irish Green Tea is rather interesting though – tiny gunpowder-style tea pellets and larger rolled green tea leaves. Although I don’t know where my friend got the tea originally, I found one that looked similar and sounds the same on Culinary Teas.  The tea is described as “Irish Breakfast Green is full bodied with the ‘umpf’ of black tea but the gentleness of green tea. Enticing toasty hint of flavour. Massively Irish.

Irish Green Tea steeping in the Perfect Tea Maker

Irish Green Tea steeping in the Perfect Tea Maker

The liquor is dark like a black tea, and there’s still a little of the grassy taste of green tea without the bitterness and bitter aftertaste that I usually find with green teas.  Toasty is a good description -it’s not as ‘clean’ tasting as  the black teas I normally drink, but a bit more mellow too.  I had it with sweetener and milk as a late-night tea (hoping that there wouldn’t be loads of caffeine!).  The Culinary Teas Irish Breakfast Green tea features a Chinese green tea, though again, I don’t know much about the origins of what I was drinking – however I did two big infusions and had lots of flavour, so I am happy with it! Luckily, I am not head-over-heels in love with it, since I don’t know where to get more!

Close up of Irish Green Tea in the Perfect Tea Maker

Close up of Irish Green Tea in the Perfect Tea Maker

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Green tea and chocolate

It’s a strange combination, but green tea and chocolate together is awesome…

Green tea and chocolate

These are super-expensive little individually-wrapped chocolates.  They were delicious… ;D

Green tea Kit Kat

Oh… and did you know that you can get matcha Kit kat candy bars? They were pretty good too. Also individually wrapped, and also really expensive.

I have expensive tastes I guess!


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Blends with Benefits

Not long ago I was looking through my mum’s November 2011 issue of Canadian Living magazine because she pointed out to me: Blends with Benefits.

The article discusses the different benefits that different types of tea can have for people with different health concerns, though oddly enough the article doesn’t really say what I would expect to read.  For instance, they recommend ginger tea for people who are having respiratory ailments – where I would normally expect to see ginger recommended for upset stomach.  For digestive problems they instead recommend rooibos tea.

So, here are the recommendations from the article.  Obviously the November issue isn’t on stands anymore, but the library might have a copy if you’re interested in reading more.

For anxiety: Chamomile tea
Calm down without zoning out with sedatives.  Cover the pot or cup while steeping to retain anti-inflammatory oils responsible for the calming effect; then can escape with the tea’s steam.

Buttercream tea from David's Tea

For weight control: White tea
The least processed tea may help prevent the growth of new fat cells while stimulating the break down of existing fat cells.

For those at risk for cardiovascular disease: Green tea
With lots of disease-fighting antioxidants, green tea is linked to heart-health benefits.  The article quotes a study that indicates that one of the antioxidants acts as an anti-inflammatory which protects the interior lining of  blood vessels.

For digestive problems: Rooibos tea
The article suggests 2-3 cups of tea per day of this naturally non-caffeinated tea because of anti-inflammatory properties which can relax stomach muscles and intestinal tissues.

Pomegranate Green tea from Teaopia

For those concerned about cancer: Green tea
The article suggests 2-3 cups per day of green tea, to take advantage of the anti-carcinogenic effects; catechins  that interfere with cell growth related to cancer development.

For hypertension: Hibiscus tea
I rarely see hibiscus tea available in shops by itself; only included in blends, however the article recommends it for those with high blood pressure. The article mentions a study where subjects drank 3 cups of this tea per day  and saw a reduction in blood pressure, perhaps due to an antioxidant responsible for widening blood vessels.

For respiratory ailments: Ginger tea
This is another that I rarely see by itself, but the article suggests that ginger tea dilates the bronchial tree and soothes airways.  This can also help those with asthma, and can suppress coughing.

General comments:

  • Loose leaf teas tend to have more antioxidants, and flavour, than bagged teas.
  • Steeping teas for at least 5 minutes increases the polyphenol content (though I personally wouldn’t agree with this, since a lot of teas get bitter if they are over-steeped). 
  • Dunking teas releases more flavonoids (antioxidants) into the water.
  • Decaffeinated teas may have lower levels of beneficial flavenoids
  • Tea can interfere with iron absorption, but the vitamin C in lemon added to the tea can counteract this.  (I presume that this iron absorption issue is with caffeinated teas?)
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Tea: Pomegranate Green Tea

A while back I mentioned winning the Teaopia Personal Tea Gift Set, and one of the two teas included was their Pomegranate Green Tea. I had actually been looking for Pom Power a month or so ago (A David’s Tea with pomegranate seeds and white tea) but it was sold out – so I was looking forward to trying this tea instead.

Pomegranate Green Tea has sencha green tea, cranberries and pomegranate flowers.  They recommend the tea either hot or iced, and suggest it’s good for tea lovers who love fruity teas.

Pomegranate Green tea from Teaopia

Those of you who have read my other reviews of green teas know that I’m not normally a huge fan of green teas.  I find them a little bit bitter and a bit too ‘earthy’ for my taste most of the time.  I’m finding more and more oolongs that suit my taste, but there aren’t too many greens that really appeal to me.  I’m afraid that Pomegranate Green Tea isn’t one of the exceptions – I don’t actually care for it as much as I had hoped that I would.

The tea smells very fruity and rich when it’s dry – but unfortunately that scent doesn’t’ follow through to taste when it’s steeped.  The flavour of the sencha really overwhelms all of the other flavours, and the rare cranberry (really rare, I saw one…) doesn’t have enough flavour to compensate. The pomegranate flowers are visible throughout the tea, but they must not have any actual pomegranate flavour – and are possibly in the tea only for colour.

I was lucky to avoid the bitterness (since I only briefly steeped the leaves) but it still was too “green” for my particular taste.  I did add some sweetener on the second infusion, but this didn’t do a lot to get the fruit taste back.  I also noted that in the pre-packaged tins included in the gift set, that the leaves were very small/broken – possibly due to being packaged and then shipped.

Pomegranate Green tea from Teaopia

William on Steepster thinks that this is a “good, but not stellar” tea; something that is fine to drink, but nothing special or exciting.  However, on Have Teacup will Travel, the blogger reviewed a pomegranate green tea from another store, and really enjoyed it.  My guess is that the tea she(?) tried is a very different blend from what I tried from Teaopia.

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Raspberry mint iced green tea

A while back I was thinking about making my own raspberry mint tea, and I finally got around to it a while ago. (Ok.. a long while ago – this is a scheduled post!)

I started off with just water, frozen raspberries from our neighbour’s garden, and mint leaves from our backyard.  Last year we planted a few different mint plants, and didn’t end up doing anything with them. We didn’t expect them to come back, but they did with vigor!  Unfortunately since we didn’t expect them to come back, we didn’t keep the little labels – so I don’t know what kind of mint we have!

lovely colours!

I heated it up, added some Splenda to cut the tartness of the raspberries, and muddled the mint and broke up the raspberries. The colour was fantastically bright, and it was interesting how the raspberry fruit became really pale as the juice went from the berries into the tea.

Finally I made up some green tea (‘matcha’ from the Asian grocery near my house), and poured the raspberry-mint ‘tea’ through the same strainer to create the raspberry mint green tea.  I decided to go with it iced instead of hot so it went in the fridge for a few hours, and done!


Overall, it was… ok.  I think it would have been much better with black tea instead of green tea – mostly because the green tea taste really was strong, and the mint taste not noticeable enough.


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