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Valentine’s day chocolate round-up

All three chocolates!

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly… and although my plans may or may not involve sushi and tea, I have some suggestions if you want to think about something sweet for your sweetie…

Check out our past posts about chocolate:

the Leaf

One of my favourite Bernard Callebaut chocolates

Bernard Callebaut “For those of you who are new to Bernard Callebaut, you can go in and simply pick up a pre-packaged box (done in their signature copper box, or seasonally wrapped for a slightly higher price) in several sizes – or you can also make up your own box. This is what I almost always do for close friends or relatives, so I can get the chocolates that I know they’ll especially like.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Tea: Irish Green tea

A while back a friend gave me a bunch of teas, and little by little I’ve been going through them.  Unfortunately I don’t know where any of them came from, so it’s a bit hard to give a full review – since I have no idea where to get more if it’s something I really like (or suggest others try out for that matter) and no idea where to stay away from if it’s terrible…

Irish Green loose leaf Tea

Irish Green loose leaf Tea

Irish Green Tea is rather interesting though – tiny gunpowder-style tea pellets and larger rolled green tea leaves. Although I don’t know where my friend got the tea originally, I found one that looked similar and sounds the same on Culinary Teas.  The tea is described as “Irish Breakfast Green is full bodied with the ‘umpf’ of black tea but the gentleness of green tea. Enticing toasty hint of flavour. Massively Irish.

Irish Green Tea steeping in the Perfect Tea Maker

Irish Green Tea steeping in the Perfect Tea Maker

The liquor is dark like a black tea, and there’s still a little of the grassy taste of green tea without the bitterness and bitter aftertaste that I usually find with green teas.  Toasty is a good description -it’s not as ‘clean’ tasting as  the black teas I normally drink, but a bit more mellow too.  I had it with sweetener and milk as a late-night tea (hoping that there wouldn’t be loads of caffeine!).  The Culinary Teas Irish Breakfast Green tea features a Chinese green tea, though again, I don’t know much about the origins of what I was drinking – however I did two big infusions and had lots of flavour, so I am happy with it! Luckily, I am not head-over-heels in love with it, since I don’t know where to get more!

Close up of Irish Green Tea in the Perfect Tea Maker

Close up of Irish Green Tea in the Perfect Tea Maker

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This post really does belong on both of my blogs… Dawn’s Dress Diary, and Happy Sushi Belly!

Dawn's Dress Diary

For Xmas this year I gave away little tins of tea to my friends as gifts.  The teas I love the most and wanted to share with them, the teas that I didn’t love, but thought they would based on their preferences, etc…

I thought I’d share a quick photo now that that the holidays are over (no surprise spoiling!) of what I did…

I started with these small (2.5″ approx) tins with clear lids.  Now, usually you wouldn’t actually want clear lids for tea, because sunlight can have a negative effect, however with small sample sizes I think it’s ok.  Hopefully they’ll be enjoyed quickly! Plus, with the clear lids, you can see how pretty some of the teas are!

I filled these with a selection of teas.  One friend really likes green teas, so the ones I gave her were mostly greens and oolongs…  another friend prefers rooibos…

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Tea: Teaopia gift set

Image linked from source - click for original (and sorry if this link breaks in the future!)

This year I was (again) part of the planning team for the company holiday party.  We have a budget line for food, drink, decorations and door prizes, and this year I was really excited to get LOTS of door prizes so that a LOT of people who RSVP’d for the party would be taking home a little something extra.

Of course, while picking out things for the party, I had my eye on the Teaopia Starter Set (or a holiday version that is similar) that my team-mates picked out – with a TeaMaster teapot, two teas (which I picked out: Earl Grey and Fruity Ginger which I thought would be enjoyed by anyone who won the prize), a tea timer, a tea spoon, and rock sugar.  But, I wasn’t called to win a door prize soon enough, and it was gone by the time my name was called.

But, since we bought soooo many gifts – it seemed like a lot of people were called, and I was called in the first round (followed quickly thereafter by my +1 too!) and I picked up the Personal Tea Gift Set in Red instead (which was my third choice of gift anyways!) and my guest picked the set in black!

The set includes two mini-tins of tea, an infuser, a large teacup, and a 5$ gift card to pick out another tea… (though for 5$ you won’t get much!).

So, that means I’ll have two new teas to review in the days to come (I was going to say weeks, but let’s be serious here!) as well as a comparison of their silicone infuser compared to the Tuffy strainer that I’ve reviewed previously.

As an aside, we also picked out things like:

  • Board games & puzzle games
  • A Harry Potter Lego board game
  • Chocolates and candies
  • Tea cups and travel mugs
  • Rubix cube
  • Popcorn popper
  • … and a lot of gift cards like iTunes, movies, dining, Chapters, etc…

I think I made the right choice!  What would you have picked out if you were the first one called?

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Tea: Imperial Green Tea Mandarins

So here’s a post that I’m writing and will use the ‘publish later’ feature of WordPress to publish!

While in Victoria, BC not too long ago, I mentioned that I stopped in Silk Road, a cute shop where I picked up some tea for myself, and one tea to give as a gift to my best tea-loving friend!  I thought I’d share the ‘before’ with you, and hopefully after I’ve given the tea as a gift, Connie can do her own review about how the tea tastes for Happy Sushi Belly too!

Tea stuffed mandarin oranges!

So these are Imperial Green Tea Mandarins – the Silk Road website describes them as: “Green Pu-erh tea is placed inside of a hollowed out mandarin orange. Next, the tea-stuffed mandarin is exposed to intense heat for a short period, so that the mandarin peel is completely dried and lightly charred. This unique drying process also causes the mandarin peel to impart a delightful, delicate flavour into the tea leaves”.  

Here’s hoping that Connie likes the tea!

I couldn’t find any other bloggers who have had the chance to review this tea, so if you’ve had the opportunity to try this one (or the Imperial Black Tea Mandarin, or the Imperial White Tea Mandarin which Silk Road also carries) please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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