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Are you a ‘reader’?

mushroom salad from Cibo

mushroom salad from Cibo

With Google Reader shutting down, a lot of people were left wondering how to keep following the blogs they loved.  While WordPress offers their own Reader (you can follow WordPress blogs as well as non-WordPress blogs), there are a few other options out there.

If all of that seems like too much effort, we’ve got an alternate solution if you are on Facebook

Consider “liking” Happy Sushi Belly on Facebook and add our page to your interests list.  You’ll get an update when we make new blog posts, along with an occasional related video, link, or cool thing happening in our local area right on your Facebook wall. You can also scroll through some of the previous posts in a quick way, versus when you want to linger and browse each entry.

Read more about the WordPress Reader here:

Or follow Happy Sushi Belly on Facebook: 

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Ranked #38

Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)

Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)

As most of our Happy Sushi Belly readers know, one of the first websites we linked to was UrbanSpoon. I used UrbanSpoon ALL THE TIME when looking for someplace new to eat, or even when just trying to figure out if the place I was thinking of has the menu/hours/etc I want.

With that in mind, we’re currently ranked #38 on UrbanSpoon, and here’s my little push to ask you to help us increase that number to get even more exposure for Happy Sushi Belly.

Happy Sushi Belly Calgary restaurants

If, like me, you love UrbanSpoon, and have a profile there, consider visiting our profile on there, and clicking “Follow“. Then, when you see we’ve posted something new on UrbanSpoon (if you see it there first!) follow the link on UrbanSpoon to read more! The more traffic we see from UrbanSpoon, the higher our ranking will go! (And subsequently, the more people that will see our posts!)

Of course, you can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus too!

Of course, to stay in touch you can also follow us on Twitter, or join our Facebook page!

Screenshot from day one!

Screenshot from day one!

Want a little more light reading? There’s an interesting (and kind of confusing to me at least) blog post about the “hotness factor” of blog posts and UrbanSpoon rankings from 2009 on Food near Snellville.

On the other hand “Your Resturaunt Sucks” really could care less about UrbanSpoon rankings.  (And a much more light-hearted post for sure!)

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Valentine’s Sushi

I don’t know why pink things have me thinking of St. Valentine’s Day… but they do. Or at least this pink rice from Davie from Make Sushi does!

What do you think of pink rice for sushi? Click your answer in the poll below!

What flavours do you think would go nicely with the slightly sweet taste of the raspberry-dyed rice? The saltiness of mackerel? The creaminess of chopped scallops? If you are planning a Valentine’s sushi dinner for your sweetie, would you give this a try?

I don’t share a lot of videos here on the Happy Sushi Belly blog – if you would like to see more videos, considering following us on Facebook! You’ll not only get to see videos, recipes, and links, but you’ll also get alerted on your wall when we post a new article to Happy Sushi Belly!


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Google +

Tropical roll  from Sushi Hanami

Tropical roll from Sushi Hanami

Inspired by today’s Weekly Writing Challenge, I thought I’d tell you a little about what I did on my lunch break today – tried to figure out Google Plus!

A while back I set up a Google Plus (G+) profile for Happy Sushi Belly, (you might remember my frustrated post about Google Plus?) and now that WordPress has made syncing between our WordPress blog and Google Plus automatic, I’ve set up automatic posts from Happy Sushi Belly on WordPress to Happy Sushi Belly on Google Plus!

It’s been up and running, accepting posts for a while now – but in a frustrating bit of Googlefulessness (Google-fu-less-ness) I couldn’t figure out how to get the posts to go PUBLIC. They kept showing up as ‘private’. I changed a bunch of settings, and I THINK that it’s up and running now, but this post will test that theory! (I sure hated having to go in regularly, delete all of the private posts, and re-post the same things for the public!)

Like our Tumblr account, I won’t be spending too much time on G+, but if you’re using G+ to stay on top of everything you love, consider following Happy Sushi Belly there too!

Come join Happy Sushi Belly on Google Plus!

On that note, you might notice a little visual addition to our side —-> I’ve added in the graphic for the Post-A-Week challenge. I might not always post on the suggested challenge topic, but I’m going to aim to post to Happy Sushi Belly at least once a week. Stay tuned and see how I do!


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Happy Sushi + (Google Plus)

So, on the advice of someone, I set up Happy Sushi Belly with a Google + account.  Now the only problem is… I just don’t really USE G+.  It’s not intuitive, and no one else I know seems to use it, so what’s the point? (In an ironic twist, I went to Facebook to get advice on how to post to Google +, because so few people I know personally are on G+..)

I was reading an article on Tea for me Please about using G+ as a tea lover, and it sounds like a great idea, but I just don’t GET it.  I don’t understand how to connect it with circles, and I don’t see there being any functionality to easily share WordPress posts with Google+.  I understand that Google owns WordPress’ competitor; Blogger… but still.. common Google, why you gotta be so difficult?

Even when I try to post, it won’t give me a cursor so I can start.  Oh, so frustrating…

I’ll get it figured out eventually I’m sure, but in the meantime, can anyone give me some tips?

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The Happy Sushi Belly Daily is in!

Ikura at Sakura

Ikura at Sakura

Have you heard about yet? It’s a cool tool to compile articles, videos, blog posts, and even tweets about some of your favourite topics. Of course, in my sushi-media takeover, I’ve started a for Happy Sushi Belly, currently linked with the Happy Sushi Belly twitter account.

If you’re interested in all things Happy Sushi Belly, and also a few other articles by other great bloggers and writers passionate about loose leaf tea, sushi, sashimi, or just other things that makes our bellies… happy – click the link, and then click ‘subscribe’! It’s free, and a great way to aggregate cool information all in one place. (Despite the option of being a ‘daily paper’- I actually have Happy Sushi Belly at set up as a weekly ‘paper’ instead – I don’t want to inundate anyone with TOO much happiness.)

If you subscribe, you’ll be sent the update once a week through your email.  However, if you don’t want to subscribe, then consider following us on Twitter, where the will be announced weekly.

The is brand-new for us, and we’re hoping to add in some great bloggers  – so if you have a blog you’d like to include in Happy Sushi Belly’s – drop us a line!


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Tumble along with Happy Sushi Belly

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto in Edmonton

I’m going to interrupt our posts about Finland cuisine to update you on another social media tool I’m using to help share Happy Sushi Belly!

We want to make it super-easy for you to follow Happy Sushi Belly, so along with Pinterest boards, a Twitter feed, and our Facebook page, I’ve just set up a Tumblr account too! If you’re on Tumblr and want to follow Happy Sushi Belly in your feed, please add us!

Follow us at:

Luckily, with all of these different promotional options, WordPress makes it really easy to post… I’ll admit that right now I’m not planning on using Tumblr too much otherwise though.  There’s just too many options!

Other Tumblr blogs

If you’re interested in other Sushi, Tea, or local goodie blogs on Tumblr, I’ve found a few cool ones; maybe you’ll think they’re great too!

F*ck Yeahh Sushi features some of the best sushi photos from around the Web…

I Love Sushi is another sushi-photo tumblr.

The Daily Sushi shares sushi-related artwork – super cute!

Sushimi – aka the Legendary blog of sushi has a few sushi photos to share as well, while the Sushi Gallery has some mouth-watering photos to share as well.

And if you just want to wander through some sushi pRon, you can’t forget the Tumblr sushi tag!

Now for tea, I found a little bit less.  Maybe you’ll have some to share? If you know of any great tea-related Tumblrs, please share them in the comments below!

In the meantime, AllTea is a good place to start, and the Tea tag is delicious! The David’s Tea Obsession is a neat play on words, where a blogger named David answers questions about David’s Tea (although there’s no association other than a big fan of the tea company).

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Happy Sushi Belly is on Pinterest!

One more step in the sushi-media takeover; I’ve joined Pinterest to start sharing the sushi-love with other sushi aficionados!

Happy Sushi Belly is on Pinterest!

Happy Sushi Belly is on Pinterest!

If you’re on Pinterest – you can follow the Happy Sushi Belly board, or maybe you’ll want to check out some of my other boards too!

Of course, I’ve also made up boards for my love of tea – full of pretty photos and loads of infographics and other tea-loving information…

Tea loving Pinterest board

Tea loving Pinterest board

And also there’s a Happy Sushi Belly-friendly page of other delicious treats I wanted to pin… Yum!

Tasty treats on Pinterest

Tasty treats on Pinterest

Want to join the Happy Sushi Belly Community Board? Leave me a note with your Pinterest ID link in the comments below, and I’ll add you as a contributor!

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The misadventures of hand rolls

I love to make hand rolls. Unlike maki sushi rolls they are much easier, allow me to add in a lot more delicious filling, and look decadent and pretty.

I hate to eat hand rolls though.  Inevitably the nori has become too soft, (and thus chewy) so it’s hard to bite gracefully (that is to say, without dropping bits of rice onto my shirt. ahem.) and I can never figure out the “right” way to add soy sauce – pouring it over top looks inelegant (and I’m worried about it pouring right on through the impromptu nori funnel) and dipping it means I’m just dipping the seaweed (nori) and not the fishy filling…

If you have better luck than I do with hand rolls (like Connie does, as mentioned in this post about Sushi Miki) maybe you’d like to try your own? Check out this video from the Make Sushi channel on YouTube:

Want to see more videos? Consider joining our Facebook page!  Where we’re sharing videos, links, and recipes.  It’s also a great way to read the latest Happy Sushi Belly post if you aren’t subscribing to our blog using your Reader.

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Happy Sushi Belly is on Twitter!

I’ve been sending the posts from Happy Sushi Belly to my personal Twitter account for a while, and it’s worked out well, but I thought it would be good to streamline my personal account, and focus on Happy Sushi Belly with it’s own account!

Happy Sushi Belly is now on Twitter! Follow us! @HappySushiBelly

Happy Sushi Belly is now on Twitter! Follow us! @HappySushiBelly

So, if you’re on Twitter, come follow us there!  It’s another great way to stay on top of Happy Sushi Belly posts even if you don’t use an RSS Feed.

If you read something you love, please consider sharing it using the buttons below to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or any other of your social networks.

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