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Viking Age style flatbread

Viking age style flatbread, ready to pack up for camp

Viking age style flatbread, ready to pack up for camp (or top with honey and nom…)

For a SCA camping event I was going to, I wanted to make some semi-authentic (ish) food to enjoy at the event. While I have a number of different costumes, my main persona is 11th Century Norse, (Icelandic to be specific) aka VIKING. Viking-age attire is also way easier to wear and more comfortable at camping events for that matter too.

One of the dishes I wanted to make was a Viking-style flatbread.

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Other dishes from a medieval pot-luck

In my last post I mentioned I’d be attending a pot-luck gathering, and was bringing some Viking Age desserts to share. Today I’ll share with you just a few of the other period food items some of the guests brought. I didn’t get photos of everything – things arrived bit by bit, and I wanted to eat too – plus the tables of food got crowded fast! 😉


I think one of my favourite dishes was Björn’s 15th Century Herbelade, which contained pork, parsley, sage, hyssop, dates, currants, pine nuts, powdered ginger, eggs, butter, and flour (for the pie shell) though there were so many interesting and delicious things there that night! (And many things I missed out on, because I just didn’t have room in my happy belly!)

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