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Sushi: Momoyama Sushi

One of my favorite places for sushi got a repeat visit from me and a friend not too long ago…

Yep, back to Momoyama!

Sushi from Momoyama

Sushi from Momoyama

We had a reservation, which was great because when we were there (about 6:30 on a Thursday) it was really full.  The service was fine (though it has been better when it wasn’t as busy) but the food was great!  My friend had tuna and salmon sashimi, a roll, and a few additional pieces.

Sushi from Momoyama

Sushi from Momoyama

For me, it was (almost always good) tuna sashimi, ikura, and chopped scallops. After dinner we headed out to a concert venue for a show by Canadian band The Arkells and a few cups of tea while we were waiting for the show to start!

If you’ve been to MomoYama, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Momoyama Sushi
3919 Richmond Rd SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-0995

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We can’t stay away from MomoYama!

Not much to say in this post, just a few photos from a November visit to our favourite SouthWest Calgary sushi spot!

selection of sushi from MomoYama

Connie had salmon and tuna sashimi while I stuck with all-tuna sashimi.  I had Ikura and chopped scallop while she enjoyed her favorite Saba and her ‘dessert’ Tomago. Yum!

I love those shiny little eggs!

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Hmmmm MomoYama

After an art show, Connie and I were seeking sushi (aren’t we always?) and decided to head to one of our favourite places (at least in Alberta), MomoYama.

She recommended we start with Agedashi Tofu instead of Gyoza (since we’ve had their gyoza and weren’t thrilled) and it was really good! I’ve never tried this before, but it was so good – I don’t think I would want a whole serving to myself though – and I much preferred the tofu pieces that had sat in the dashi (fish stock) sauce for a while – (but not too long) over the pieces on top which were less flavoured and more dry (and also better than the ones that were soaked at the bottom…).  I also loved the shredded dry seaweed on top!

Agedashi Tofu

I did a quick search, and came up with this recipe for Agedashi Tofu and a few days later ended up giving it a try myself – I really liked the addition of the bonito flakes!  

Of course, we didn’t just have sushi, but also had some of our Momo-favorites – for me it was tuna sashimi (they first brought tuna and salmon, and then had to take it back because of the mistake – hence why my two tuna selections look so different), Ikura (salmon roe) and chopped scallops (so good!).  Connie stuck with her mackerel sushi and fatty tuna and green onion roll.

Delicious MomoYama sushi and sashimi

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Sushi: More Momo-Yama

In April, on a bit of a whim Connie and I got together for sushi – originally thinking of going to Sushi Hanami (because it’s so darn close, and we’ve never needed a reservation) but while she was outside waiting for me, and I was still getting dressed (it was a whim! I’m not just perpetually late!) I suggested she call Momo-Yama and see if we could get a reservation.  It was a Sunday afternoon (about 4pm) and…. success!

So off we went to Momo-Yama!

Sushi from MomoYama

After the frankly… terrible salmon experience at Momo-Yama last time (which was luckily resolved, but still annoyed me..) I wasn’t interested in either the gyoza nor the salmon sashimi, so I had an order of tuna sashimi instead, along with my favorite ikura and chopped scallop battleship-style sushi.

The tuna was good, but had a vaguely frozen-and-thawed texture that I wasn’t impressed with.  I totally understand that I live in the prairies/foothills and not right beside an ocean – but still I know I can get better – and I have from Momo-yama in the past. The ikura and chopped scallops were just fine – nothing remarkable, but certainly yummy.  Connie (since she SAID she’d post but hasn’t yet.. *nudge nudge*) had the salmon and tuna sashimi (and said that the salmon was somewhat flavorless) as well as her favorite tuna and onion roll and her ‘dessert’ sushi – saba.

Not much new to say – I still love Momo-Yama, and love that it’s so close… but I hope the few recent not-so-wonderful experiences aren’t an indication of their quality going down.  (Or worse still, my expectations going up.. because then I’ll never be satisfied!)

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine
3919 Richmond Rd SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-0995

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Sushi: A mixed Momo-Yama experience

Of course, Momo-Yama is one of my favorite sushi places in Calgary (my favorite sushi place I’ve ever been to is in Vancouver…) but not too long I went to Momo-Yama with a friend (after a very nice afternoon of conversation, tea, and scrapbooking!) and my experience wasn’t nearly as good as it usually is.

Gyoza from Momo-Yama

We started off with a shared order of gyoza.  These are supposed to come in an order of 9 (which is difficult to split!) but they only brought us 8. They were deep fried (instead of pan-fried) and honestly, we didn’t miss that last one from the order.  They were very small and crisp – too crisp for our liking.  We generally like them when the dough is still soft (but not too chewy) and just crisp on one side from the pan.  The texture of the deep-fried gyoza was off-putting, and although the flavour of the filling might have been fine, I was overwhelmed by the oily, crunchy exterior instead.  Boo.

On another note, for the longest time they haven’t served tempura because they didn’t have the fryer (or so I was told one time, long ago).  I am guessing they have purchased a fryer, so perhaps tempura will be available soon… hopefully nothing like these gyozas though!

Next up we split an order of salmon sashimi ($12.50 for 8 pieces) and an order of tuna sashimi ($12.50 for 8 pieces).  While the tuna sashimi was nice large pieces with excellent flavour, the salmon was… bad.

Our sushi from Momo-Yama


The salmon was nearly impossible to ‘cut’ with my chopsticks, and while the size of the portion was fine, it was much smaller than the tuna, and also inconsistent.  Some pieces were large, while others were quite small.  Not a big deal, but it makes it harder to split an order.  The salmon was sinew-y and very difficult to eat. Ick.  Near the end, our server came by and I told her that it was not good, so she brought us four pieces of salmon to replace our order – these pieces were FAR better.  She indicated that the first order had been from the tail, while these new pieces were from the belly.  It made a huge difference – I would have reserved the pieces from the tail to be chopped up very small for rolls, not served for sashimi where the selection and cut is supposed to be premium – reflected by the premium price.

Ikura and chopped scallop from Momo-Yama

Connie had a roll which she said was well-flavoured, but rolled too loosely (and falling a bit apart) while I had much better luck with two pieces of absolutely delicious Ikura (Salmon Roe) battleship-style sushi pieces, and two of the special scallop pieces that were equally delicious.  She finished off her meal with her favorite Saba and an omlette nigiri sushi piece.

I appreciate the good service of bringing us replacement sushi, though I have typically higher expectations of Momo-Yama to start off with.  So, although I’ll be back (over and over again if I’m lucky!) I likely won’t order gyoza there anymore.



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