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Desserts in Iceland

While I’m on holiday, I have a few posts to share… and when I come back  – I’ll hopefully have posts from my trip too!

Desserts in Iceland

Rather than doing a whole bunch of short posts about some of the desserts my travel companion and I tried while in Iceland, I thought that I would do a bit of an all-in-one post about a few of them… I’ll also do a bit of one on candy and treats later in too…

Chocolate mousse

If you are in an Iceland grocery store, you might see this – for us it was in the section with the amazing Icelanic yoghurt, Skyr (with which we both developed a fast obsession…) but it’s not yoghurt, instead it’s mousse!  So creamy and delicious!

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

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Bite Groceteria

Bite's great sign

It’s been a long time since I was in Inglewood, but on a recent visit, Connie and I popped into Bite Groceteria – a hole-in-the-wall type of grocery store tucked into one of the older buildings in the area.  Why hole-in-the-wall? The grocery store is actually set back substantially from the sidewalk, and if it weren’t for the huge sign with the intriguing name, we would likely have walked right by.  If we hadn’t been walking, we likely wouldn’t have seen it at all.

If we had missed it though, we would have missed a treat!

Within the relatively small shop, Bite has filled every shelf and rack with delightful, eclectic goodies.  Our first distraction was a very small cooler filled with unique chilled beverages (we both picked up a Grizzly Paw Ginger Beer to go). Next, while she was looking at another display I was intrigued by a very small display of tinned T|Nik tea.  The Earl Grey smelled wonderful, and there were several other varieties that looked interesting, but I settled on ‘Glacier Springs Marzipan Rooibos’.

At that point Connie was looking at spices (and having a hard time choosing between the Himalayan pink sea salt, the smoked black sea salt, and the black Hawaiian sea salt) while I was looking at the unusual pastas, and then at the cooler where there was an amazing assortment of delightful things, including a small selection of caviar and duck eggs.

Rose jam mixed with plain yoghurt

The meat and deli case was uninspiring (since that’s not really my interest anyways) but I headed to the jams and jellies area where I picked up some delightful Turkish Rose Jam.  I’d been thinking of rose jelly or syrup for a while, and didn’t imagine I’d find it – so I was very happy to pick up the jam instead.  (As an aside – the jam is fantastic, with a very clear, quite sweet rose flavour.  I would have preferred a jelly though, and something more ‘pink’ in colour for the visual effect.)

We wandered to the front of the store where there’s a small selection of fresh produce, as well as candies and a cappuccino bar, and paid for our selections.

Overall, the shop had a great atmosphere, is laid out in a way to encourage exploring, and the staff were friendly- but the prices were high (as specialty goods usually are), and several items seemed to be lacking price tags.  I personally find that a bit frustrating; as though I’m missing out on something. I’d highly recommend checking out Bite if you’re wandering through Inglewood, and see if some of the hard-to-find foods you’ve been looking for are nestled happily on the full shelves there!

Have you been to Bite?  What hard-to-find items did you discover there?  Please comment below!

Want another blogger’s opinion on Bite?  Check out Dan’s post on Dan’s Good Side from August 2010.

Bite! Groceteria
1212 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-3966

Looking into Bite


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