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Goro + Gun Bento box

Bento box from Calgary's downtown Goro + Gun. Read my review on Happy Sushi Belly

Bento box from Calgary’s downtown Goro + Gun

I’ve blogged about Goro + Gun before, but this time I was there during the day and tried their bento box for the first time.

I got the sashimi bento for $16 which featured the chef’s selection of sashimi, along with 2 pieces of lobster california roll, fresh greens, steamed rice, and miso soup.

As much as I like the ramen bowls at Goro + Gun… the bento box was a huge disappointment.

The sashimi was tuna, salmon, and a single piece of prawn. Nothing special.

The rice was fine.. but I don’t really eat a lot of rice.

The lobster roll – well you could have surprised me… it wasn’t any different from a California roll…

The salad – was the worst part of the dish. It was pretty much drowning in oily dressing. Inedible.

Goro + Gun miso soup. Read my review on Happy Sushi Belly

Goro + Gun miso soup

The miso soup was fine, but way too salty to enjoy I’m afraid.

Check out their menu online… and pick something other than the Bento box.

If you love bento… click the Bento Box tag to see some other alternatives instead!


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Taste of Calgary 2014

Taste of Calgary 2014

Taste of Calgary 2014

Oh boy! Talk about late posts! The Taste of Calgary 2014 was August 14-17, which is right around the time when I got back from holiday, and stepped right into one of the busiest times of the year at work – which means that photos lingered on my iPhone for a while before I finally got the chance to look at them.  I’m taking a break from my posts about Iceland to finally get around to Taste of Calgary!

My friend and I went to Taste of Calgary 2014 in Eau Claire Market on the Sunday afternoon, and there were plenty of others out to enjoy the nice day with us. Hopefully you had your chance to enjoy the weekend event as well – if you did, chime in with some of your favourites in the comments below!

Goro + Gun – Booth # 10

Making Ramen Burgers

Making Ramen Burgers

One of the booths I was most interested in checking out was Goro + Gun, a new Calgary restaurant that I haven’t been to check out yet. (Largely due to it’s location. On Steven Avenue Mall, I rarely get down there anymore it seems!) I tried out the “Japanese Sushi Quiche” (2$) while my friend had the “Ramen Burger” (4$). The line up was huge to order, and then we waited around for the burgers to cook. Only one booth was a longer wait, but I’ll talk about that later….

Japanese Sushi Quiche (2$)



I have NO idea why they called this quiche. To me, quiche is a egg-based baked dish with a variety of ingredients in it, with a crust like a pie.

This instead was a TOSTITOS®  “scoop” topped with rice, some mini shrimps in mayonnaise, and topped off with a slice of cucumber.  It was nothing like quiche as far as I know – but it tasted ok. The rice was a bit oily, and I wouldn’t order something like this again if I knew what it was.


Ramen Burger (4$)

Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger

My friend thought the idea of the Ramen Burger was unique, but thought it wasn’t very good when it was made up. The Ramen noodles fell apart too easily when eating the burger, and were quite greasy. Because the dish fell apart so easily, it meant eating the flavourless noodles separate from the burger patty. (Apparently the flavour of the burger patty was ok though, but nothing special; it too could have used some flavour.)

Oddly enough, although my friend didn’t really like the burger, it won a silver award at the Calgary Herald’s Consumer Taste Awards.

Goro + Gun
#245, 225 – 7 Ave SW 

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