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Taste of Calgary 2014

Taste of Calgary 2014

Taste of Calgary 2014

Oh boy! Talk about late posts! The Taste of Calgary 2014 was August 14-17, which is right around the time when I got back from holiday, and stepped right into one of the busiest times of the year at work – which means that photos lingered on my iPhone for a while before I finally got the chance to look at them.  I’m taking a break from my posts about Iceland to finally get around to Taste of Calgary!

My friend and I went to Taste of Calgary 2014 in Eau Claire Market on the Sunday afternoon, and there were plenty of others out to enjoy the nice day with us. Hopefully you had your chance to enjoy the weekend event as well – if you did, chime in with some of your favourites in the comments below!

Goro + Gun – Booth # 10

Making Ramen Burgers

Making Ramen Burgers

One of the booths I was most interested in checking out was Goro + Gun, a new Calgary restaurant that I haven’t been to check out yet. (Largely due to it’s location. On Steven Avenue Mall, I rarely get down there anymore it seems!) I tried out the “Japanese Sushi Quiche” (2$) while my friend had the “Ramen Burger” (4$). The line up was huge to order, and then we waited around for the burgers to cook. Only one booth was a longer wait, but I’ll talk about that later….

Japanese Sushi Quiche (2$)



I have NO idea why they called this quiche. To me, quiche is a egg-based baked dish with a variety of ingredients in it, with a crust like a pie.

This instead was a TOSTITOS®  “scoop” topped with rice, some mini shrimps in mayonnaise, and topped off with a slice of cucumber.  It was nothing like quiche as far as I know – but it tasted ok. The rice was a bit oily, and I wouldn’t order something like this again if I knew what it was.


Ramen Burger (4$)

Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger

My friend thought the idea of the Ramen Burger was unique, but thought it wasn’t very good when it was made up. The Ramen noodles fell apart too easily when eating the burger, and were quite greasy. Because the dish fell apart so easily, it meant eating the flavourless noodles separate from the burger patty. (Apparently the flavour of the burger patty was ok though, but nothing special; it too could have used some flavour.)

Oddly enough, although my friend didn’t really like the burger, it won a silver award at the Calgary Herald’s Consumer Taste Awards.

Goro + Gun
#245, 225 – 7 Ave SW 

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The post-cockroach Globefish

A while back, I posted how one of the three Globefish locations in Calgary had been shut down due to cockroaches.  The Calgary Herald article link no longer works, so here is the Alberta Health Services Notice of Closure:

Well, I guess the day after Globefish was closed due to health concerns, they opened their doors again with positive and supportive comments from the Alberta Health Services’ Safe Food Program supervisor according to the Calgary Sun.

Globefish Marda Loop - my companion's delicious-looking roll

Globefish Marda Loop – my companion’s delicious-looking roll from 2012

Calgary Sun article:–izakaya-after-cockroaches-were-found

Reading articles and comments online there seemed to be a wide division of opinions – some people commented that unwanted bugs were commonplace in restaurants and eateries in other countries, and really weren’t a huge deal, while others were horrified and didn’t understand how a high-end (high cost, high quality) venue like Globefish could have had so many violations.  (In addition to a “large amount of cockroaches” found in glue traps, and “live cockroaches were found in the facility”, the restaurant was also cited for not having recent pest control records on site, leaving cleaning cloths sitting out, and not cleaning hard-to-reach areas.)

I know that I haven’t been back to Globefish (there are so many places for sushi to choose from!) since the news report about their closure came out – have you?

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Globefish sushi shut down after cockroaches discovered

Mt. Fuji roll close up

Well this sure isn’t good news for sushi in Calgary!

I read today in the Calgary Herald that Globefish in Kensington will be shut down until health-inspection violations are remedied.

According to the article, there were a “large amount of cockroaches” in the glue traps and live cockroaches found as well. Additionally the reporter (who was unnamed in the online article) added that there were “no recent pest control records onsite, hard-to-reach areas were dirty, and cleaning clothes (cloths?) wereleft sitting on countertops and food equipment.”

Well, I guess where I won’t be going back any time soon!

Read other posts about Globefish sushi here:

or check out the Calgary Herald article here:

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Sushi: Globefish in Marda Loop

For a while I have been craving a nice fusion roll, and finally in late June, a friend and I headed over to Globefish in Marda Loop for some sushi.

I haven’t been to Globefish in a while, not since last January actually, but was looking forward to it.  It’s always been reliably good, but I guess that even with the small location, word has gotten out – and it’s popularity has skyrocketed.  This never seems to mean good things…


First off, the hostess completely ignored us (and the other people who came in after us).  She was obviously run off her feet, but she couldn’t even take the time to get our name and how many people were in our party until we had been there for about 8-10 minutes.  From there it was another 15 minutes, and she must have written down our name entirely wrong – but we took the spot anyways.

Our server was reasonably attentive – although not proactive (we had to catch his eye to request a refill in my water glass and for more ginger). He also seemed very busy,  and perhaps very new or inexperienced.  Nice and polite though.


As I mentioned in my previous post, Globefish in Marda Loop is extremely dark – and extremely crowded on the day we went. There were numbers families with very young children, which came complete with several high chairs, strollers, carriages, and table-wiggling.  I always find it adorable, little kids eating sushi (if only my parents had exposed me to different food so young!) but in a super-crowded restaurant, strollers are a nuisance, even if the children are well-behaved.

The packed tables also meant that conversation was difficult, because of all the noise.  This obviously isn’t something the restaurant controls, but I wouldn’t advise heading to Globefish to catch up with an old friend or on a date.

Another unfortunate circumstance that is not really within Globefish’s control – with the exceptionally tight seating, the couple who arrived as we were near the end of our dinner were very close.  Unfortunately, the man in the couple had overdone his cologne, and the smell of it started to make me physically ill – I ended up signaling for the cheque and leaving quickly because of it.


Of course, the food is the most important part!  I find that Globefish tends to drown their sushi in sauce use too much sauce on their rolls, so I selected the chopped scallop roll, the Mt. Fuji roll, and the Cherry Blossom roll.  My friend and I also split the Sashimi Roll.  We had considered splitting the gyoza, but didn’t in leu of the Sashimi Roll – which I’m glad of, remembering how the gyoza was only so-so last time I had it – plus I left completely stuffed…

Sashimi Roll ($9.95)

Globefish Marda Loop – Sashimi Roll

I have a friend who hates nori (seaweed) so when I saw that the Sashimi Roll was wrapped in rice paper, I was intrigued.  I would love to be able to bring her for sushi somewhere other than our regular haunt for a change…

The Sashimi Roll is described as: “Assorted sashimi, avocado and cucumber rolled with rice paper topped tobiko” in this case it was just tuna and salmon.  Unfortunately, I found the avocado slightly too soft – and the rice paper was also soft and ‘mushy’ which made the texture of this roll rather unpleasant.  The flavour of the roll was also dominated by the avocado – and while I really enjoy avocado, I would have liked to taste the fish more. It came in a very strong sauce as well (why do menus omit important things like this?) which I really didn’t like at all.    I wouldn’t recommend this one, and will have to go back to the drawing board to find a nori-less sushi roll!

Mt. Fuji roll ($13.95)

Globefish Marda Loop – Mt. Fuji Roll

Since I had been craving a fusion roll for a while, I found myself disapointed by the menu at Globefish.  First of all there were so many rolls with sauces, and secondly so many rolls featuring fried food (either the roll itself was fried, or it included fried ingredients).  I was really not in the mood for fried or sauce-ladden food, so I ended up picking rolls I have had before – kind of missing out on the experience I was really looking for.

The Mt. Fuji roll is described as “Avocado, salmon & masago roll wrapped with smoked salmon & more avocado. Drizzled with japanese mayo and garnished with tobiko.” Luckily, the ‘drizzle’ was really only a drizzle – and I found this really pleasant – even if it wasn’t what my taste-buds had been really craving.

Chopped scallop roll ($6.25)

Globefish Marda Loop – my scallop roll

If you’ve read Happy Sushi Belly for a while,  you’ll know that I normally like my chopped scallop battleship-style.  However, since Globefish is so well-known for their rolls, I went with a roll instead. The roll is described as “Scallop & tobiko with mayonnaise rolled with rice & seaweed” – what they fail to make clear is that the scallop is not mixed with the mayo and tobiko, instead the tobiko is rolled up with the scallop, and the mayo is drizzled over top.  They also failed to mention that half the roll is cucumber.  Urg.  I really am tired of places adding in cucumber – it doesn’t taste right with scallop or with Ikura (another occasional victim of cucumber-attacks).  Needless to say, this was not what I wanted, nor did I enjoy it.  The mellow flavour of the scallop was completely overwhelmed by the crisp cucumber flavour.

Cherry Blossom roll ($15.95)

Globefish Marda Loop – Cherry Blossom roll

The Cherry Blossom roll is one that I’ve had before as well, and have always enjoyed.  It is described as “Salmon & avocado roll wrapped with fresh red tuna. Served with seaweed salad & red tobiko.” It’s also served with a wasabi sauce (ahem.. menus really need to be updated at this place…) which I found overly powerful.  The seaweed salad was also regrettable – I know that I’ve had it before and enjoyed it – but this time around it was just sour and I couldn’t eat it.

Globefish Marda Loop – my companion’s delicious-looking roll

Overall impression

The menus at Globefish really need to be updated to accurately reflect what is in the dishes.  The crowded seating (oh, and they don’t take reservations) and not-great service suggest that they’re strained under their popularity.  Too bad.  As always, the food is consistently good. Not great, but good.

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop)
#1 2009 33 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-8866

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop) on Urbanspoon

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Sushi: Globefish Marda Loop

After the disappointing miss a few days previous TRYING to go to Globefish (Kensington) for sushi, I was happy to head there (the Marda Loop location though) a few days ago with a different friend for a catch-up dinner.

When trying to pick where to go, I suggested either Sushi Ren (which I haven’t been to yet) to try something new, or Globefish which is consistently good – and my companion picked Globefish, so off we went.

Once again, I really wish that more sushi places had websites with their hours, because although UrbanSpoon listed them being open for lunch and dinner on a Monday, we go there at 4:30pm to find out we had to wait another half hour for them to open.  At least they were open!

(note: they DO have a website, but in my google search, I didn’t find it quickly on my phone…)

Service: I’ve always had good service at Globefish, so I found the hostess who was chatting with friends who came in after us (instead of seating us) kind of inconsiderate, but she did apologize and seated us quickly after that, while also seating her friends in the “new booths”.  (I guess they’ve done some redecorating?)

I popped to the rest room right away, and my companion said that no one had been around yet to take our order (or even water/tea) which I found surprising, however shortly after I sat down our server did come over.  Just water for me!

Our order: We ordered an order of gyoza to start, while he also ordered sashimi and a beef yakisoba, and I ordered two rolls. The yakisoba came first, followed quickly by the gyoza.  His sashimi followed along with my special scallop roll and finally my Mt. Fuji roll.


Gyoza: First off it comes in a plate of 5.  Urg.  It’s hard to split an uneven order… The pieces were stuck together, and very small compared to what I’ve had elsewhere recently.  The flavor was fine, but nothing special, and they fell apart very easily.  I don’t think I’d order them again here (if I remember!). We each had our two to begin the meal (so they wouldn’t get cold) but the last one lingered, and by the time I snagged the last one, it was cold, and not very tasty at all.  Overall impression: ok, but it won’t make it to my ‘best gyoza list’…

Scallop roll

Special scallop roll: Normally I don’t order this in a roll, but rather in battleship-style sushi pieces.  Unfortunately they include cucumber in their roll.  It’s … fine.  I just really like the texture and flavour of the scallop, mayo, and tobiko… and the crispness and flavour of the cucumber is fine, but it’s just not what I’m after.  Tawa also puts cucumber in their special scallop, and I just usually pick it out to enjoy my sushi the way I want it.  Since this isn’t one of their special rolls, it’s not displayed all pretty like the others, but it also isn’t loaded down with sauce either – something I find most of their rolls suffer from have.

Mt. Fuji Roll

Mt. Fuji Roll: I’ve had this one a few times and really enjoy it.  This is avocado, salmon and masago wrapped with smoked salmon and more avocado.  It’s drizzled with Japanese mayo and garnished with tobiko.  This time around it was good, but I found the taste of the smoked salmon a bit overwhelming for the rest of the roll, so ended up picking it off and enjoying it separately.

Mt. Fuji roll close up

Decor: Globefish in Marda Loop is very different from the Kensington or Chinook locations.  I’d call the Chinook location the most ‘upscale’ in terms of decor; kind of like an Earls.  The Kensington one feels more like a family dining place, while the Marda Loop location feels more like a family-without-kids restaurant.  It’s a bit dark which I find frustrating sometimes; it’s fine for now, but heaven help anyone who forgets his or her glasses!  (Or anyone trying to take clear photos without a flash….) They’ve recently redecorated, but they really should have considered spending the money in the restrooms as well – although they’re nicely decorated, they are miniscule, with no accessible stall.  Like Tawa or their previous Kensington locations, the seating is very tight – expect to overhear the details of every one of your neighbor’s conversations, and know that they’ll hear yours too.

Overall impression: Although I can’t give my experience a rave review, I’ll also say that Globefish is consistently good.  Not consistently GREAT – but good.  I think that I’ll come back when I’m with my “I don’t like raw fish or nori” friend, since they have a number of rice-paper rolls and cooked items.  They have very creative and unusual rolls, however most of them feature fried items, and are loaded down with sauce.  I’ve heard complaints that all the rolls start to taste alike because they use the same sauce so frequently.  Still, there are a lot of items on the menu, which is nice for variety.

Vincci has some thoughts on Globefish in Calgary Is Awesome, and Scrumptiously Fit Food is a huge fan, while Will Will Eat’s love of Globefish is waning.  (Keep in mind, they were all reviewing different locations…)  What about you?  Do you have the Globefish love?  Which location do you prefer, and why?  Let us know in the comments below!

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop)
#1 2009 33 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-8866

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop) on Urbanspoon


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