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The Street Eatery

Vegetarian Naan Rola from the Street Eatery in downtown Calgary (without onions)

Vegetarian Naan Rola from the Street Eatery in downtown Calgary (without onions)

After seeing them tagged on Instagram, I was totally keen to check out The Street Eatery, located in downtown Calgary. Their Instagram feed is lots of cool fusion food… but what caught my eye were the super-cool over-the-top milkshakes. I convinced some friends to join me one evening. Although I was going for the milkshakes… I couldn’t help myself from the savory instead.

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Bento Burrito food truck in Calgary

Bento Burrito food truck "Cali-ritto"

Bento Burrito food truck “Cali-ritto”

More food truck goodness at Mount Royal University!
One of the new ones to come to the MRU campus is Bento Burrito, which blends Mexican and Asian flavours – Connie followed a similar offering from California, but I hadn’t yet tried anything like it here at home.
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Sushi: UBU Lounge

After checking out Market Collective’s 5th Anniversary event at the Mewata Armoury in July, Connie and I were keen for some sushi. It would be the first real sushi (as in, not fast-food take-out sushi!) that I’d have since returning from Finland, and since we were already downtown, I was keen to try some of the places I’d read about on UrbanSpoon.

UBU Lounge was not disappointing!

I’ll admit, we were a bit hesitant when we entered the lounge to see we were the only customers there… even throughout our visit, I think I only saw one other customer come in, but luckily we still had excellent service and good sushi in a gorgeous location.


UBU Lounge is located in the historic Grand Theatre, a building first built in 1912. In it’s heyday, The Grand (previously known as the Sherman Grand Theatre and the Sherman Grand Opera House) attracted stars like Sandra Bernhardt, George Burns, Fred Astaire, Ethel Barrymore and the Marx Brothers. Nellie McClung, Prime Minister Robert Borden, and Premier William Aberhart also spoke at political events hosted in the Theatre. It was once the biggest and best (and most modern) theatres in the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, the Grand was slated for demolition. Not far from the Grand is the towering Bow Building, and the small complex which houses the theatre along with retail and residential space is dwarfed by it’s glass and steel neighbours. Theatre Junction made a $12 million bid to save the Grand with a significant donation from Calgary philanthropist Jackie Flanagan and support from Calgary citizens, corporations, and all levels of government. The space is now known as Theatre Junction Grand, and presents new, experimental, and interdisciplinary art while maintaining the original architecture.

UBU Lounge is just one of several retail businesses on the ground floor of the Grand, including a coffee shop and their sister restaurant, the burger and wine bar Black Betty. We entered the lounge through the building’s main entrance, headed up the few stairs, went down the hall, and arrived at the dimly-lit lounge. UBU felt like a lounge with few people in it, though I imagine when it’s full it feels more like a nightclub with red lighting, an upstairs mezzanine, and high-end furnishings.

Of course, that dim lighting also meant it was really hard to get good photos!

Not just sushi

UBU Lounge specializes not just in sushi, but offers a “fresh take on traditional Asian” cuisine. While we were there for the sushi, we noticed that they had a number of other dishes if you happen to be dining with a non-sushi lover. They call their selections “Asian Avant Garde” though we didn’t find that the description or presentation overshadowed the food. (I really hate it when there’s more words on the menu than there is food on my plate….)

Still, despite the menu options, we were a bit hesitant.. after all, an empty restaurant is usually empty for a reason. We ordered one roll each to “give it a try” and realized that our worries were for naught – the food was wonderful. (Of course, this meant a second roll each was ordered to complete our meal!)

UBU Lounge menu

UBU Lounge menu

Our rolls

Hopefully Connie will chime in with her own experience and impressions of UBU Lounge, but just in case she forgets, I’ll try to share with you my thoughts on all of our rolls (of course, she tried some of mine and I tried some of hers!)

Roasted Duck Roll

Roasted duck roll from UBU Lounge

Roasted duck roll from UBU Lounge

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