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Knekkebrød – Norwegian Crisp Bread

Completed Norwegian Crisp Bread (knekkebrød)

Completed Norwegian Crisp Bread

Not long ago a friend posted a recipe online for Knekkebrød – Norwegian Crisp bread, a recipe link that stated that this bread was a staple of the Viking Age diet and was baked in what is now Sweden as far back as 500 CE. Now… I’m not a culinary researcher (I actually find historical culinary research really difficult) but I was heading to an SCA event, and really was keen on the idea of filling my lunch and supper bag with food that was at least KIND of authentic to my Viking Age persona.

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Viking Age style flatbread

Viking age style flatbread, ready to pack up for camp

Viking age style flatbread, ready to pack up for camp (or top with honey and nom…)

For a SCA camping event I was going to, I wanted to make some semi-authentic (ish) food to enjoy at the event. While I have a number of different costumes, my main persona is 11th Century Norse, (Icelandic to be specific) aka VIKING. Viking-age attire is also way easier to wear and more comfortable at camping events for that matter too.

One of the dishes I wanted to make was a Viking-style flatbread.

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Wurst in Mission, Calgary

Wurst in Mission, Calgary

Wurst in Mission, Calgary

I visited Wurst in the Mission district not too long ago for a birthday, and I thought I would share a few photos with the readers of Happy Sushi Belly.

Mushroom flatbread at Wurst

Mushroom flatbread at Wurst

While the UrbanSpoon page for Wurst suggests that they take reservations – it turns out the service is only available for parties of 10 or more. This means when we arrived we did not know if the rest of our (smaller than 10) party was there yet. The hostess wasn’t of any help – she suggested that we head downstairs to look for our party on our own.

I had checked out the menu online in advance, but when I was there I wasn’t especially inspired. I ended up ordering the “Pilz” flatbread – with “wild mushrooms, gruyere, goat cheese and rosemary oil” The menu forgot to include that there would be onions on the dish…

The flatbread was alright, though I found it a bit greasy overall.

Chocolate brownie from Wurst

Chocolate brownie from Wurst

For dessert I had the “Wurst Brownie Ever” – a rather dry brownie topped with “warm fudge sauce, kirsch cherries, whipped cocoa, and vanilla ice cream”. It was alright.. though I’ve had much, much better brownies elsewhere.  (The whipped chocolate was probably the best part of the dish.

I found the drink prices really high so didn’t bother ordering a drink at all.  One of our parties cut his lip on a chipped glass, so the bill below reflects the removal of his drinks and dessert from the bill.  

Bill from Wurst

Bill from Wurst

I found the whole experience pretty underwhelming. (Including the duck-fat fries which I had heard were great – I sampled a few from one of my companions, and they weren’t anything special either.) The meal was fine, but it just wasn’t remarkable in any way.

2437 4th St SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 1X5
(403) 245-2345
WURST Überkitchen. Wunderbar on Urbanspoon

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