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Are you a ‘reader’?

mushroom salad from Cibo

mushroom salad from Cibo

With Google Reader shutting down, a lot of people were left wondering how to keep following the blogs they loved.  While WordPress offers their own Reader (you can follow WordPress blogs as well as non-WordPress blogs), there are a few other options out there.

If all of that seems like too much effort, we’ve got an alternate solution if you are on Facebook

Consider “liking” Happy Sushi Belly on Facebook and add our page to your interests list.  You’ll get an update when we make new blog posts, along with an occasional related video, link, or cool thing happening in our local area right on your Facebook wall. You can also scroll through some of the previous posts in a quick way, versus when you want to linger and browse each entry.

Read more about the WordPress Reader here:

Or follow Happy Sushi Belly on Facebook: 

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Valentine’s Sushi

I don’t know why pink things have me thinking of St. Valentine’s Day… but they do. Or at least this pink rice from Davie from Make Sushi does!

What do you think of pink rice for sushi? Click your answer in the poll below!

What flavours do you think would go nicely with the slightly sweet taste of the raspberry-dyed rice? The saltiness of mackerel? The creaminess of chopped scallops? If you are planning a Valentine’s sushi dinner for your sweetie, would you give this a try?

I don’t share a lot of videos here on the Happy Sushi Belly blog – if you would like to see more videos, considering following us on Facebook! You’ll not only get to see videos, recipes, and links, but you’ll also get alerted on your wall when we post a new article to Happy Sushi Belly!


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The misadventures of hand rolls

I love to make hand rolls. Unlike maki sushi rolls they are much easier, allow me to add in a lot more delicious filling, and look decadent and pretty.

I hate to eat hand rolls though.  Inevitably the nori has become too soft, (and thus chewy) so it’s hard to bite gracefully (that is to say, without dropping bits of rice onto my shirt. ahem.) and I can never figure out the “right” way to add soy sauce – pouring it over top looks inelegant (and I’m worried about it pouring right on through the impromptu nori funnel) and dipping it means I’m just dipping the seaweed (nori) and not the fishy filling…

If you have better luck than I do with hand rolls (like Connie does, as mentioned in this post about Sushi Miki) maybe you’d like to try your own? Check out this video from the Make Sushi channel on YouTube:

Want to see more videos? Consider joining our Facebook page!  Where we’re sharing videos, links, and recipes.  It’s also a great way to read the latest Happy Sushi Belly post if you aren’t subscribing to our blog using your Reader.

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Happy Sushi Belly is now on Facebook!

If you love reading Happy Sushi Belly, but don’t use an RSS feed to keep on top of new posts, and don’t always want to check into our blog, you can now follow us on Facebook!

Screenshot from day one!

Screenshot from day one!

It’s a sushi-media takeover!

Come join us!

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UrbanSpoon vs. Yelp

When you’re looking for a place to eat – where do you look for reviews?

I love reading articles in magazines, websites, and blogs… but other than my ‘wish list’ – I also sometimes just want to go out, grab my phone and bring up a Google Map of my area, and see what is yummy and close…

It should come as no surprize, that my go-to site is UrbanSpoon. I’ve included links to UrbanSpoon on practically every relevant Happy Sushi Belly post since Connie and I started the blog! But, am I missing out by not using one of the other great review sites instead/as well?  I reviewed a bunch of them before deciding on UrbanSpoon, but what are YOU using?

Where do you go to get the best, most accurate, and most appetizing reviews?  How would you rank the list above, and are there any sites worth checking out that I’m missing entirely? Let us know in the comments below!Happy Sushi Belly Calgary restaurants

Of course, Happy Sushi Belly is ON UrbanSpoon as well – if you are an UrbanSpoon member, and want to stay on top of our reviews right on the site, consider following us!  (Just login, and then visit our page at: and then click “follow”!)  You can also follow us on Facebook – I’ll post more about that later if you haven’t already seen the side bar!

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