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Yummy meals in Quebec City

Montreal smoked meat for dinner from Café-boulangerie Paillard

Montreal smoked meat for dinner from Café-boulangerie Paillard

Before and after our St. Lawrence cruise, mum and I stayed in Quebec City. We had the chance to visit a BUNCH of different restaurants, cafes, and other places to try what the city had to offer – to fill our happy bellies!

Of course… while in Quebec, we had to enjoy Montreal Smoked Meat – the best place I had it from was Café-boulangerie Paillard which happened to be around the corner and across the street from our hotel. This place was ALWAYS packed which I think speaks really highly of how popular and tasty it is. I also had Montreal Smoked Meat from a fast food chain… and it was no where near as good as this!

Trois Garçons

Café-boulangerie Paillard was so popular, that although we planned to go there one morning for breakfast it was just TOO crowded and we wanted a slower pace, so we checked out Trois Garçons across the road instead. (Also super-close to our hotel)

Breakfast from Trois Garçons - eggs benedict for me!

Breakfast from Trois Garçons – eggs benedict for me!


We stayed at the Hôtel Manoir Victoria – a really nice hotel with a beautiful lobby and lovely rooms. The only challenge were the stairs to get into the hotel – a bit of a pain for my mum when her knee bothered her, especially with suitcases.

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Sam’s Deli & Bistro – Victoria

The menu at Sam's Deli & Bistro in Victoria, BC.

The menu at Sam’s Deli & Bistro in Victoria, BC.

For my next few photos I’m going to share some of the ups and downs of dining in Victoria, BC when I was there in August. (Sorry for the delay in posting!)

Overpriced and over-rated

I was in the mood for sushi (when am I not!?) and my companion was in the mood for fried chicken, but we didn’t want to wander too far from our hotel for lunch one afternoon while we were in Victoria, BC – so we stopped at Sam’s Deli & Bistro which had been highly-rated by our hotel front desk staff as having great breakfast options, and really terrific sandwiches “piled high with really good meats and cheeses”. The location was great – right near the water – a super spot for people-watching (or cruise-boat tourist-watching as the case may be!) and the interior, although it has limited seating seemed clean and neat – but we were going to get our food for take-out to enjoy back at our hotel. (Maybe even the lovely courtyard with a fountain in our hotel!)

So.. a full ham sandwich is $7.50.. ok.. plus a dollar more for two slices of Havarti cheese = $8.50, plus another 75 cents for a “whole dill pickle” on the side of our order – that seems a bit pricy, but if these really are ‘famous’ ‘extraordinary’ sandwiches.. ok…

But they weren’t.

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A menu-tasting adventure

A while ago I was invited to be part of a ‘soft opening’ for Wycked Deli, a fast-food kiosk. A soft opening is the opening of a new shop or service, without all of the fanfare of a grand opening – the doors open, service is offered, but there’s no hype.  It means less attention, and less awareness, but it also means that expectations aren’t nearly as high, and those working there won’t face the big rush of customers.

For this soft opening, the kiosk owners offered the opportunity to try a bite to eat, in exchange for filling out a survey about the food and the service provided.

I have a personal connection with someone at the company, and I wasn’t asked to blog about Wycked Deli, so I won’t be speaking about the food or the service here to avoid any biased opinions. Instead I’m just sharing with you a photo of my meal – a grilled cheese sandwich with spinach, tomato, and Havarti cheese on multi-grain bread.

Wycked Deli
4825 Mt Royal Gate
Calgary, AB T3E6X4

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