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Kruse’s Bakery

Delicious rum balls from Kruse's Bakery - located in the Market On Macleod in Calgary, Alberta

Delicious rum balls from Kruse’s Bakery – located in the Market On Macleod in Calgary, Alberta

My last post wasn’t very positive I’m afraid… but in contrast, I’m back writing about Kruse’s Bakery again. I’m pretty sure this is one of my favourite bakeries in Calgary (tied for the top spot with Gluten Free/Paleo/Vegan Nourish Kitchen & Bakery, and Glamorgan Bakery)  There are a few favourite things I get nearly every time I visit (The lemon strudel) and then a few things I’ll pick up now and then… but there are also new things to try too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cheesecake, Iceland style at Bláa Kannan in Akureyri

Amazing cheesecake

Amazing cheesecake

While in Akureyri, the “northern capital” of Iceland, my travel companion and I popped into a little Perisian-style cafe for dinner. With the daylight never really leaving the sky, I can only guess that it was dinner time though!

Paris-style cafe

Paris-style cafe

Along with a delicious quiche, we also were tempted by a delicious-looking slice of Bailey’s flavored cheesecake- or at least we hoped it was cheesecake!

We loved the super smooth, fluffy, almost whipped cheesecake filling. It wasn’t as strongly ‘cream cheese’ flavor as cheesecakes back home, but it was totally delicious! The crust was like cookie crumbs, and the top was a smooth chocolate layer. Plus it was joined by a big dollop of the amazing Iceland whipped cream. I’m pretty sure they don’t add sweetener/sugar/etc to the cream, but it’s just so delicious on it’s own…

 Not just dessert

As mentioned, we started off the dinner with a slice of quiche each, which came with a little side salad and dressing as well.

quiche and salad

quiche and salad

I THINK that the quiche and salad was one of the better priced dishes, around the equivalent of 9$ Canadian, though I could be a bit off.  The dessert too I don’t entirely recall, but I think it was about $6.

After out dinner, we walked up to the Kureyrarkirkja (The Church of Akureyri). It’s described as “towering above the town on a hill” and also called “church with all the steps.  I guessed it was about the equivalent of an 8 story walk up all those stairs, though later I read online that there are 112 steps in total. (So 8-9 flights of stairs) We earned that cheesecake!

We didn’t spend much time in the church (I actually wasn’t nearly as impressed with it as I was with older European churches I have visited) but instead headed further up the hill to the Akureyri Botanical Gardens. You might remember that I wasn’t totally impressed with the Botanical Gardens in Reykjavik? Well the Akureyri gardens blew them away by far! If you like visiting gardens, make sure Akureyri’s are on your list. Although most of the plants growing there were familiar, they were very well laid out, with interesting sculptures, lovely pathways, little ponds and fountains, and an overall quiet, serene feeling.  Below are just two of several photos I took in the garden.  (Visit my Flickr album to see them all)


Bláa Kannan
Hafnarstræti, Akureyri, Iceland
+354 461 4600

More cheesecake

Once we were back in Reykjavik, we stopped in at a grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner, and picked up a cheesecake there too. This one was mandarin orange flavour, and although the crust was a bit ‘wet’ – since it was a frozen cake – the cake itself had that same lovely, fluffy texture.

Ostakaka mandarin orange cheesecake from the Bonus market

Ostakaka mandarin orange cheesecake from the Bonus market

I also photographed the ingredients… in Icelandic.


I would totally love to make this light, fluffy cheesecake, so I searched for a few recipes.

I typed out the ingredients from the packaging above:

“Innihald: Rjomaostur (30%) [kvarg, smjor, syrdur rjomi, salt] fjomi, sykur, mandarinur (11%), hafrakex [hveiti, sykur, haframjol, ohert jurtafita (palma-, palmkjarna – og repjuolia), mysuduft, salt, lyftiefni (natriumkarbonat, ammoniumkarbonat) kanill, yruefni (sojalesitin) bragdefni] appelsinuthykkni, smjor, matarlim, yruefni (ein- og tviglyserid fitusyra), maissterkja, bragdefni (m.a. vanillin), rovarnarefni (kaliumsorbat, natriumbensoat), syra (sitronusyra).”

which translated in Google to:

“Ingredients: cream cheese (30%) [quark, butter, sour cream, salt] fjomi, sugar, mandarins (11%), hafrakex [wheat flour, sugar, oatmeal, unhardened vegetable fat (palm-, palm kernel – and rapeseed oil), whey powder, salt , raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate) cinnamon, emulsifier (soya lecithin) Flavour] appelsinuthykkni, butter, gelatin, emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), corn starch, flavoring (including vanillin), rovarnarefni (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), acid (citric acid).”

(ok.. not everything translated perfectly – this might have been my typing or just the word itself)

On the Modern Wifestyle, Katrin has a recipe for a Skyr cheesecake alternative that looks beautiful – but not quite what I had in mind – skyr isn’t mentioned in the original recipe.

The Amateur Icelandic Chef has a recipe that uses cream cheese and mascarpone cheese which sounds delicious, but not quite right either..

Jo’s Icelandic Recipes has a recipe for Mandarínu-ostakaka – Mandarin-orange cheesecake which includes gelatin (like Jello) which sounds like the original recipe, but not quite..

Finally I found Fatimarana’s Piece of Cake blog, where she has a recipe for a cheesecake with sour cream… I bet using the orange topping from Jo’s recipe and this one would do the trick! (Now just to find an occasion to try it out!)

(While I was searching, I also found the International Dinner Project, #29: Iceland where a family tried out different things – including the “Thunderbread” I enjoyed so much from a previous post… perhaps that will be another baking adventure for me.. some day that isn’t quite so hot!)


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Valentine’s dessert from Phoenix Grill

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake from Phoenix Grill

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake from Phoenix Grill

This post is super-late (now that I’ve returned from holiday and have had the chance to pull photos off my camera…) but I wanted to do a quick post about some delicious treats from the Phoenix Grill. Read the rest of this entry »

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Treats: lemon cheesecake

While on the fortress island of Suomenlinna (a short ferry ride from Helsinki’s Market Square) we needed a rest, a drink, and a chance to get out of the sun.

We had lots of options, (including a restaurant with lots of fish dishes) but we were in the mood for lighter fare, so we opted for Café Piper, a small, quaint, summer café with a few seats inside, a few tables outside on the shady, covered patio, and ample seating outside in the sunshine. The café is located on a small hill surrounded by an English-style garden, offering a view into the Gulf of Finland. They offered a small lunch buffet with soup, but instead we picked a lemon cheesecake along with a cold drink.

Yummy lemon cheesecake

Yummy lemon cheesecake

The site where the café currently sits previously was the location for a Roman Catholic chapel and two gazebos.  The current building was constructed in 1928, and it has been a café since it’s construction.  The café location is along a wheelchair accessible route, however the café itself has a small staircase without a ramp.  Some of the seating can be accessed with a wheelchair, though not all of it.  There are, however, other more accessible places to dine on the island(s) for visitors with limited mobility.

The cheesecake was delicious, but not at all what I’d think of to make for a lemon cheesecake. I think this would be super-easy to replicate using a regular cheesecake recipe, and some delicious lemon curd (found in the jams, honey, and other toast-topping section of some grocery stores).

Want more posts from Suomenlinna? Just follow the Suomenlinna tag! You can also check out my other posts from the Helsinki area with the Helsinki tag, or the other posts from my trip to Finland with the Finland tag! If you’re planning a trip to Helsinki yourself, I highly recommend following Visit Helsinki on Twitter @HelsinkiTourism; I followed their feed well before my trip and during as well! (I also walked past their office, but didn’t pop in – Helsinki was so easy to get around – just my iPhone and the maps in our hotel were all we needed!)

Speaking of Twitter… don’t forget to follow @HappySushiBelly on Twitter too!

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Treats: Sour Berry Cheesecake

In my previous post I mentioned that after visiting Turku Castle and then going on a city tour, my companion and I headed to another Turku museum to take advantage of the admission pre-paid with our Turku card. (A tourist card which offers discounts and free admission, available from the Turku Tourist information office.)

The museum we visited was the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova – a two-for-the-price-of-one museum that houses both historical ruins and contemporary art.

The excavated buildings are visible from the cafe.

The excavated buildings are visible from the cafe.

Aboa Vetus is an unearthed display of ruins – the genuine construction on the site they were originally built before being abandoned and covered over. The ruins tell the history of settlements in Turku.  After wandering through the ruins, and reading the stories the museum has to tell, you can also visit the exhibition halls of Ars Nova, housed in the Rettig Palace which was completed in 1928.  Ars Nova features contemporary art including paintings, photographs, and when we were there, many multi-media art pieces.

Of course.. Happy Sushi Belly isn’t all about my Finnish trip – so here’s the happy belly connection – in the central area between the two old-and-new areas of Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is a small café: the Aula Cafe – where we tried some absolutely delicious sour-berry cheesecake!  (They also offer a buffet lunch, but we were a bit too late after our bus tour.)

Sour Berry Cheesecake

Sour Berry Cheesecake

Read the rest of this entry »

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