Po-ke Special Bowl

18 Jun
Poke bowl from the Kensington Poke location.

Poke bowl from the Kensington Poke location.

Almost a year ago, my friend Skye and I walked past a Poké place on center street – not far from an event we were heading to. We’d already had dinner… but we made a mental note to go in there and try it sometime.

Well… we never did. Instead, while out playing PokemonGo a while ago I was in Kensington, and walked past another Poké place. I was actually on my way to a recommended Ramen place… but it was hot…and I was hungry.. and Poké it was!

Boy was I glad for the detour!

I wasn’t entirely sure what to get… so I started off with the Po-ke Special Bowl.
This dish has Ahi tuna and salmon tossed in Po-ke’s signature sauce topped off with seaweed salad, avocado, mandarin orange slices, masago, sesame seeds, shredded nori, and is drizzled with unagi sauce.

It was honestly absolutely delicious! Super fresh tasting, great flavours, and it at least FELT like a healthy choice. They offer all of their bowls on one of four bases – white rice, brown rice, or “Hawaiian style” with either lettuce or spinach. I went for the dark green healthy goodness of spinach myself (plus too much rice sometimes makes me feel oogie).

Along with a number of ‘signature dishes’ like the  Po-ke Special Bowl, they also do a build-your-own.  Start with the base (rice, or Hawaiian style) then pick a protein. The protein options are tuna, salmon, tofu, scallop (game changer!), or prawns.

Then add the ‘mixer”… from cucumber, cilantro, onion, or edamame.  Then there’s a bunch of different sauces… finally the toppings which is a huge list: kale, carrots, corn, pineapple, lettuce, crab salad, seaweed salad, cabbage, mandarin orange slices, jalapenos, tamago, masago, avocado, or mango.

Then finally there are finishes – additional sauces plus sesame seeds, nori, ginger, onion, corn flakes, bonito flakes, coconut flakes or garlic chips.

Poke bowl from the Kensington Poke location.

Poke bowl from the Kensington Poke location.

So.. probably needless to say, I’m already planning my return trip to either their Kensington location or their Centre Street location….

Poké YYC
908A Centre Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P7

Poké YYC
1111 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P1

A few days later I popped over to the Co-op and picked up some Tuna as well (Safeway never seems to have any) and am going to try a Poké of my own based off a recipe on The – if you want to see how it turned out… check me out on Instagram!


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