Rabbits Pantry Perfectly Peachy tea

15 Jun
Rabbits Pantry Perfectly Peachy tea

Rabbits Pantry Perfectly Peachy tea

Pale flowered linen summer sundresses, walking barefoot through the grass, the scent of flowers in the air… and Perfectly Peachy. Summer – in a glass.

The second sample of tea I tried from Rabbit’s Pantry was Perfectly Peachy. This is an “Organic black tea with organic peach pieces and natural peach flavor” according to the website. 

I made two cups of this tea from the sample given to me, and unfortunately they were quite different from one another. My guess, like a lot of flavour-added teas, that the flavour really immerses itself with the first cup, and then is a bit ‘washed out’ with the second.

The first cup tasted JUICY – a really lovely peach flavour mingled really well with the tea. The peach taste wasn’t super strong though – it was still tea. I dressed it with sweetener and milk to really bring out the fruity taste which worked really well.

The second cup was far less peachy – it really just tasted like black tea… However…. I dressed it with milk and sugar again, and popped it in the fridge – and chilling it brings back a lot of the fruity taste.

If you miss David’s Tea Southern Belle (no longer available) it’s a pretty good substitute – and has the benefit of being able to add your own dairy and sweetener, instead of having them pre-added for you…

Rabbits Pantry Perfectly Peachy tea

Rabbits Pantry Perfectly Peachy tea

Jessica, the owner of Rabbit’s Pantry also suggested that all the teas might be good as a mixer… now I hear “mixer” and I think booze. I think this would be amazeballs made ‘adult’ with a peach schnapps – or maybe with a vanilla-flavoured liqueur!

The Rabbits Pantry is based in Silvana, Washington, and all of their teas are organic and fair trade when available.  My samples were sent pre-measured out in tea bags… but I love my loose tea – loose – so I clipped open the bags and used my infuser instead. Ok.. mostly so I could photograph they tea!  The Rabbits Pantry packaging is all compostable – including the little pink envelopes that my samples were packaged in – they’re made of wood!  Visit them on Facebook here. They’re currently updating their website (visit here) and I was super happy to see that between my first reviewed tea (Hot Mess) and this one… ingredients are now part of the tea descriptions!

Stay tuned – soon I’ll have reviews of some of the other teas from Rabbits Pantry!

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