Sumo Grill Japanese Restaurant

09 Jun
Sushi and sashimi from Sumo Grill in Sunridge Mall

Sushi and sashimi from Sumo Grill in Sunridge Mall

It’s been… YEARS since I was last at Sumo Grill in Sunridge Mall. Part of this is because I’m rarely in that area.. and partially because when I am – I’m now grabbing food at the nearby Blaze Pizza instead. However I was there not too long ago, and popped in because… well honestly I was too tired and hot to take the extra time outside to get pizza…. LOLIn my 2012 post about Sumo Grill, I commented on the under-attentive staff, and again, this was a problem during my most recent visit. I hoped to be seated near a power outlet so that I could charge my phone, but the hostess didn’t appear to understand my request, and instead offered that I could plug my phone in at the server station over the sink. No thanks….
(Especially when dining alone.. I need my phone! LOL) It also took a long time to get the attention of the server when I was ready to order (I nearly got up to leave, if I weren’t so tired…) and when it was time to pay again it took a very long time to get the bill, and again, more time to wait for the server to bring the credit-card machine. There appeared to be sufficient staff for the number of people in the restaurant, but it just was that they seemed inattentive and slow compared to other places I’ve dined.

Crab Sumomono from Sumo Grill at Sunridge mall

Crab Sumomono from Sumo Grill at Sunridge mall

But… ok… the service may have been slow – but what about the food, right?
Well the salmon and tuna sashimi was fine, the chopped scallop sushi was fine…but the real star of the meal was the Crab Sumomono. It had a wonderful tangy lemon-flavoured broth (served cold) which was crisp and refreshing during the hot and tiring day. I would have appreciated a spoon – eating the crab with chopsticks was a bit challenging (but again.. the server wasn’t around to ask…) The nori was chewy, but sliced very thin so easy enough to eat. The noodles were the right texture – not over or undercooked.

This would probably be a great meal… for take out…. on a hot summer day. I tried replicating it a few days later at home, but it missed the mark. (so I’m not sharing the recipe here)

Sumo Grill Japanese Restaurant
2525 36 St NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 568-6886

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