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04 Jun
Two different sushi rolls from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

Two different sushi rolls from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

If you’ve been reading Happy Sushi Belly for a while, you might remember some of my previous posts about this Quebec-based chain – Sushi Shop. I visited them first in Quebec City, and then was excited to find a location in Edmonton’s Kingsway Mall. Then, in mid-May I saw a bus in Calgary drive by… advertising the shop!

It turns out, they recently opened a location in Calgary, in Deerfoot Meadows near Jysk.

The shop shares a space with Thai Express, and the day after seeing the bus ad, a friend and I happened to be relatively close, so popped in for a takeaway lunch.


Ramen from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

Ramen from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

I’ve been on a ramen soup kick lately, so despite the warm weather, decided to try out their ramen which I haven’t had before. They offer Tonkotsu and Miso soups, and I went with the Tonkotsu, which is a simmered pork base rather than the soybean base.

They offer three proteins; grilled chicken, shrimp tempura, or seafood – which includes cooked salmon, shrimp, and fake crab meat. I went for the seafood option. The ramen dishes all are served with fresh ramen noodles (I found them slightly undercooked perhaps – just a bit too firm), half a boiled egg, and then green onion, bean sprouts, and nori. There was hardly any nori in mine, and no onion that I could find (which was good…) and not nearly enough bean sprouts for my taste.

The soup was…ok. It wasn’t great really, because I felt that there was too much noodles overall and I got tired of the taste and texture.


Sumomaki from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

Sumomaki from Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

The sumomaki is extra-large, but well put together, so its easier to eat than some of the other giant rolls. I ordered the “Miami” roll which is a 5-piece roll with smoked salmon, avocado, orange masago, green onion (which I missed when I was reading the menu), light cream cheese, tempura crumble, spicy light mayo, all wrapped in a soy sheet and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

This was pretty good, though I would have liked it better without the onion. For some of my friends who love sushi but hate nori (seaweed) this might be a great alternative.


The Sushi Shop Blossom sushi is a roll, served sideways and topped with more yummy goodness. I ordered the Salmon Truffle sushi, which I tried ordering in Edmonton – but they were out of the truffle oil.

This roll has shrimp, spicy light mayo, green onion (darn, I missed that too!) and cucumber inside, and then is wrapped in mesclun salad and rice paper. It’s topped with salmon tossed in truffle oil and tempura crumble.

I realize.. there aren’t a lot of things I like truffle oil with – and this is one of them. I liked the presentation of this dish, but between the overlooked onions and the truffle oil… I’ll go for something else next time. It’s tasty – just not to MY taste.


So many overlooked onions! I find that their menu is SO large, that it’s really hard to read everything quickly to order. It’s all a bit overwhelming really!

My ‘try next’ list includes:

Tako (a layered and pressed box sushi):

  • Sunburst with smoked salmon, avocado, lemon, tempura, spicy light mayo, orange masago.
  • Tyfoon with shrimp, kani kama, mango, avocado, spicy light mayo, tempura, green onion, sesame – served with sweet chili sauce (hold the onions)

Poke Bowl

  • Tuna poke with tuna seasoned with sesame oil, spicy sauce and soy sauce, plus tempura, avocado, orange masago, cucumber, lettuce, green onion, ponzu sauce, spicy light mayo, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, Japanese spices, sesame, nori- probably on white rice… and again, hold those onions.

Temari (adorable balls of sushi with an interior filling and exterior layering)

  • Crispy Lobster – with an interior of lobster, crab, shrimp, mango, green onion, spicy light mayo (again.. hold those onions!) and an exterior of crispy lobster, black masago, Japanese mayo
  • Tuna Tataki – with an interior of avocado, tempura, and sesame sauce, and an exterior of  tataki tuna, Japanese mayo, green onion, Japanese spices (again.. hold those darn onions!)

Sushi Pizza (available only in select locations… I’m not sure if the Deerfoot Meadows location is included)


They also have some desserts that look yummy including black sesame ice cream, but I think I really want to try their Chocolate-Banana Bomb, which is described as a “delicious mixture of banana and melted chocolate in a crispy coating served with chocolate or maple fudge sauce.”

Sushi Shop Calgary

Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

Sushi Shop in Deerfoot Crossing in Calgary

33 Heritage Meadows Way SE, Unit J8

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