Rabbits Pantry Hot Mess tea

02 Jun
Hot Mess black tea with cinnamon and orange peel

Hot Mess black tea with cinnamon and orange peel

Hot Mess is like a cup of warm homemade apple pie in a teacup – but surprise… there’s no apple in it!

Not long ago I contacted the tea company Rabbits Pantry about the opportunity to sample and review a number of their teas. When they arrived, I had a number of super-hot days, and the last thing I wanted to drink was tea… but then ahhhh a nice cool refreshing rain day, and out came my infuser. The owner hoped to have reviews and descriptions in by May 25, but unfortunately because of the delay in the post… I didn’t even get it until the 27th..

The first tea I tried from Rabbits Pantry was Hot Mess. This is described as:

Cinnamon and spice with a little bit of nice. This bold tea has the spice of cinnamon, a kiss of citrus and warms you up as quick as only a hot mess can.

Additionally, the owner shared with me that this tea includes Fair Trade Certified Organic Black Tea*, organic cinnamon, and organic orange peel. * Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. 90% Fair Trade Certified Tea. 

I steeped up two cups of this tea – one for me, and one for my housemate. Her thoughts was that it was pleasant, a nice, warm, soothing kind of tea for a cool day. She takes her tea black and unadorned. I took a sip, and could definitely taste the cinnamon, but without reading the ingredients, I tasted apple or pear instead of orange.

For my own cup, I took it with milk and sweetener (as I do with most black teas). I liked it hot – tasting still the cinnamon and either apple or pear behind the taste of black tea- kind of like an apple pie…. but I liked it even better when it cooled off because it seemed creamier and smoother, with the flavours more blended together.

Jessica also suggested that all the teas might be good as a mixer… now I hear “mixer” and I think booze. I think this would be amazeballs made ‘adult’ with just a tiny splash of Goldschläger – a Swiss cinnamon schnapps. I think it might also be interesting mixed with apple juice or apple cider to bring out more of that ‘apple pie’ flavour. Regrettably.. I don’t have either in the house right now to give it a try.. maybe later.

Hot Mess black tea with cinnamon and orange peel

Hot Mess black tea with cinnamon and orange peel

The Rabbits Pantry is based in Silvana, Washington, and all of their teas are organic and fair trade when available.  My samples were sent pre-measured out in tea bags… but I love my loose tea – loose – so I clipped open the bags and used my infuser instead. Ok.. mostly so I could photograph they tea!  The Rabbits Pantry packaging is all compostable – including the little pink envelopes that my samples were packaged in – they’re made of wood!  Visit them on Facebook here. They’re currently updating their website (visit here) and I hope that in the future they include an ingredients listing alongside the descriptions of each tea – for online orders this would make it much easier to order for those of us who know what we love…(and what we don’t) in our teas!

Stay tuned – soon I’ll have reviews of some of the other teas from Rabbits Pantry!

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