Shogun Teppanyaki Grill

28 Apr
Shogun Teppanyaki Grill food truck in Calgary, Alberta

Shogun Teppanyaki Grill food truck

While at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo I was excited to hear that a Japanese Fusion food truck was parked super close to the medieval encampment I was volunteering at. It was Shogun Teppanyaki Grill, and I have a few photos today of what I ordered, along with a few thoughts….

Shogun Teppanyaki Grill food truck menu and pricing

Shogun Teppanyaki Grill food truck menu

I was super hungry when I ordered… so I was easily tempted. I couldn’t decide between sweet and savory, cool and warm.. so I went with both. I really wanted the soft taco, the gyoza… and was also tempted by the melon pan a friend had ordered the day before (which would have been packable… ) but ultimately I went with the Okonomiyaki J-Dog (Japanese Hot Dog) and the mochi ice cream.

Okonomiyaki J-Dog

Okonomiyaki Japanese-style hot dog

Okonomiyaki Japanese-style hot dog

The hot dog is topped off with Japanese wasabi-mayo, matchstick carrots, ketchup, and bonito flakes I think… the menu didn’t indicate, and a search didn’t help…

The hot dog was yummy – but too big, and there was a bit too much bun. The bonito flakes are super yummy, but not good with all the wind… I think I lost about half of it to the strong wind…. I didn’t actually end up finishing the hot dog, cus after the ice cream too… I was full. 😦  I would have it again for sure though – maybe in a more sheltered area…

Mochi ice cream

This is a new addition to their menu, little balls of mochi filled with ice cream. The ‘sampler’ has vanilla, strawberry, and matcha flavours. I didn’t really care about vanilla, but the other two were quite good. They were small but easy to eat – though my hands did get covered in powder! I hope that in future they keep them this size, but maybe offer single-flavour options or a mix-and-match option… where you can get a little bowl of how many and whatever flavours you have in mind. I would also prefer to see more exotic flavours… strawberry and vanilla are boring.. what about black sesame, mango, salted plum, coconut, or similar to join the matcha?

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