Sushi shop in Kingsway, Edmonton

12 Jan

I could have sworn that I’d blogged about Sushi Shop in Edmonton before – but now I can’t find the post!

I first tried Sushi Shop in Quebec City (a blog pot on that one is still pending…) and was excited to see them with a shop in Edmonton, in the Kingsway Mall. I was back there again more recently, and tried:

Smoked Salmon temari from Sushi Shop in Edmonton

Smoked Salmon temari from Sushi Shop in Edmonton

Smokey Philly Temari (4 pcs $6.95)

Exterior – smoked salmon, Japanese mayo, lemon zest, sesame, nori
Interior – light cream cheese, tempura, green onion, spicy light mayo

I was a bit disappointed in this. I had wanted to try Temari for a while, and expected the interior of the ball to have flavor – it didn’t. It really just seemed like it was a ball of only rice. WAY too much rice. Really terrible rice to flavour ratio….

The topping was fine, but nothing special. I couldn’t taste the lemon or sesame, and you can see the nori is just a tiny pinch.

Tuna Tartare ($10.95)

Tuna tartare from Sushi Shop in Edmonton

Tuna tartare from Sushi Shop in Edmonton

tuna, tempura, wasabi, soy sauce, green onion, sesame
served with wonton chips

This was fine, except I really didn’t like the crunch of the tempura. I thought it really messed up the texture of the tartare. The wonton chips were kind of icky – though I knew it wouldn’t be to my taste when I ordered it, and didn’t plan on really eating them.


Although I’m glad I tried both dishes, I think I’ll have different things the next time I’m in the Kingsway mall.

See all of the Sushi Shop locations on their website.

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