Goro + Gun Bento box

01 Jan
Bento box from Calgary's downtown Goro + Gun. Read my review on Happy Sushi Belly

Bento box from Calgary’s downtown Goro + Gun

I’ve blogged about Goro + Gun before, but this time I was there during the day and tried their bento box for the first time.

I got the sashimi bento for $16 which featured the chef’s selection of sashimi, along with 2 pieces of lobster california roll, fresh greens, steamed rice, and miso soup.

As much as I like the ramen bowls at Goro + Gun… the bento box was a huge disappointment.

The sashimi was tuna, salmon, and a single piece of prawn. Nothing special.

The rice was fine.. but I don’t really eat a lot of rice.

The lobster roll – well you could have surprised me… it wasn’t any different from a California roll…

The salad – was the worst part of the dish. It was pretty much drowning in oily dressing. Inedible.

Goro + Gun miso soup. Read my review on Happy Sushi Belly

Goro + Gun miso soup

The miso soup was fine, but way too salty to enjoy I’m afraid.

Check out their menu online… and pick something other than the Bento box.

If you love bento… click the Bento Box tag to see some other alternatives instead!


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