Rolled Ice Cream

02 Dec
Bitumen Black Gold rolled ice cream from Scrollio Handcrafted Desserts

Bitumen Black Gold rolled ice cream from Scrollio Handcrafted Desserts

So this summer I tried rolled ice cream at a number of different places – this post is a LONG time coming for sure.. I’ve already blogged about Sweet Tooth Ice Cream here in Calgary, but there is also Scrollio Handcrafted Desserts here in Calgary, and two different locations of Scoop n Roll in Edmonton.


Scrollio is located on 17th Avenue not far from Tubby Dog and Made By Marcus. I visited there first with a friend on a nice warm day and ice cream was a delightful treat. While my friend had a chocolate ice cream topped off with raspberries and blueberries, I had their Bitumen Black Gold charcoal ice cream flavoured with rosewater and topped with ground pistachios. The rosewater in the (otherwise flavourless?) charcoal ice cream was awesome – a lovely delicate flavour.

Scoop N Roll food truck, Edmonton

While I was visiting my friend in Edmonton, we were both in the mood for Ice Cream, and he thought he remembered something not far from where we were. The shop was actually no longer in business (or he had the location incorrect) but a quick GoogleMaps search and I found Scoop N Roll – a food truck that was semi-permanently parked near a bowling alley nearby. It’s not there anymore (I’m not sure where the truck has moved to, or if it’s just seasonal) but we were happy to find it – as was the long line up of others waiting to place their order and get their rolled ice cream.

My friend had a fruit-filled ice cream, while I went for the matcha green tea (of course!) filled with nutella!

Scoop n Roll in Kingsway Mall, Edmonton

On another Edmonton visit we stopped in Kingsway Mall for even MORE rolled ice cream. This time around there wasn’t any line at all. They didn’t seem to have the same menu, so I ended up with a chocolate ice cream with raspberry and chocolate chips, topped off with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The chocolate chips were a bad choice for me, as they were too hard against the nice smooth texture of the rest of the dessert.

Ice cream from Scoop n Roll in Kingsway Mall, Edmonton

Ice cream from Scoop n Roll in Kingsway Mall

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Rolled Ice cream blog post promoI’ve been to Sweet Tooth again once the weather got colder – I can pretty much eat ice cream any time of year! What about you – will ice cream still have a place in your wintertime dessert menu, or do you switch to warm desserts like pies when the temperature drops?
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