Lemongrass West restaurant

02 Aug
Beef Sate skewers from Lemongrass West restaurant in SW Calgary

Beef Sate skewers from Lemongrass West restaurant in SW Calgary

Lemongrass West isn’t too far from me, but the first time I visited for a bowl of Pho, I was pretty disappointed. It took a friend’s rave review to bring me back again.

Lemongrass West serves Vietnamese cuisine, including baguettes, vermicelli, and pho. They also have a HUGE menu full of gluten-free dishes which is pretty cool to see – although I myself am not gluten intolerant.

On my last visit I had the Appetizer Platter (shared with my companion) which includes 2 Salad Rolls, 2 Crispy Spring Rolls, 2 Beef Sate Skewers. I anticipated liking the spring rolls best, and the beef skewers least… but it ended up being the other way around.

  • The salad rolls were as expected – though I missed the sweet chili sauce that I’m more accustomed to when enjoying them.
  • The beef sate skewers had a great flavour – though I did have to scrape the onions off! They were easy to eat and tasty.
  • The crispy spring rolls unfortunately seemed overcooked, too chewy, and were lacking flavour. The accompanying sauces weren’t the right fit either I think.

Lemongrass West restaurant
3715 51 St SW #116, Calgary, AB T3E 6V2

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