Nice Cream – liquid nitrogen ice cream

20 Jun
The ice cream maker at Nice Cream creating our frozen treats

The ice cream maker at Nice Cream creating our frozen treats

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the sneak preview of this – liquid nitrogen ice cream from Nice Cream, a little shop not too far from where I work. I’ve been here once or twice before, but thought I’d share here on Happy Sushi Belly.

I’d seen that they had added sweet and savory Belgium waffles to their menu when I went by a few days earlier, and made a mental note to take my out-of-town, ice-cream-loving friend there on his next visit. When we woke up in the morning, we decided that waffles for breakfast would be awesome… followed by a cone to go.

Unfortunately when we arrived, it turns out that they’re no longer doing the waffles, so we had a tough choice.. ice cream for breakfast or not…. My friend convinced me that since the CONE was a waffle-cone, it was pretty much the same thing… I still don’t know if I buy it – but the ice cream was tasty!

My small waffle cone, and my friend's medium chocolate berry ice cream

My small waffle cone, and my friend’s medium chocolate berry ice cream

I bought a small Earl Grey flavoured cone, while my friend opted for a chocolate and mixed berry ice cream topped off with peach penguins. The ice cream was made fresh right before our eyes, and the blended treat is super smooth because of the technique – and the fact that it doesn’t get popped into the freezer before eating. Watching the cloud of white “smoke” from the blenders is also pretty cool!

Have you tried it yet?

Have you tried ice cream made fresh on site with liquid nitrogen? What did you think? Is it a go-to staple for ice cream cravings… or just a novelty to amuse the kids or an out-of-town visitor? Let me know in the comments below, or come share your thoughts on the Happy Sushi Belly Facebook page!

Nice Cream

4604 37 St SW #4,
Calgary, AB
T3E 3C9
(403) 978-3210

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