Nourish Kitchen & Bakery

11 Jun
Colourful tarts and other goodies from Nourish Kitchen and Bakery

Colourful tarts and other goodies from Nourish Kitchen and Bakery

At the end of April a friend invited me to the YYC Alternative Market. In the back of my mind I really hoped that the market would be retro-funky-goth-cool… and while there were a lot of vendors there that fit that bill – I was also super happy see my friends from Nourish Kitchen and Bakery!

Through their Facebook page, they’d asked what people would like at the market, and I’d been drooling over their pink matcha on Instagram… so that was MY request – but I also got photos of a few of their other goodies too.

Nourish focus’ on baked goods specifically for people with food sensitivities, or dietary requirements like those who follow a Paleo or Vegan diet. They also make low carbohydrate and gluten-free baked goods, with frequently locally-sourced, organic, and sustainably farmed ingredients.

After taking a spin around the market to check out the different vendors, I stopped in at Nourish’s table to get pink matcha mini cream puffs. I had thought about bringing them to a little movie night at a friend’s house that night to share – but unfortunately I forgot to bring a cooler bag, and I really didn’t trust to carry them for several hours while walking around downtown… so I met up with a friend for coffee and ate all four together! Oh the sacrifices!

The market was held in the National Music Centre, in downtown / east village Calgary. It’s a beautiful space!

Fantastic pink matcha mini cream puffs from Nourish Kitchen and Bakery

Fantastic pink matcha mini cream puffs from Nourish Kitchen and Bakery

The pastry itself was good, and the pink matcha filling was really unique. I didn’t taste the same sort of grassy bitterness that I normally associate with matcha, and instead there was almost a light berry sweetness. So yummy!

I also had to cave as I was leaving and bought one of the chocolate chili cookies. I nearly forgot to take a photo before I finished it…

It was moist and had a good blend between chili and chocolate – it wasn’t too strong on either flavour.


Nourish Kitchen and Bakery sells their goods through their website, as well as at pop-ups at various locations. Visit their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest notice about where they’re vending.

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