Special event fare at Fort Calgary

09 Jun
Crispy parmesan polenta Calgary - at a special event.

Crispy Parmesan polenta Calgary – at a special event.

In April my work hosted a special event at Fort Calgary. I was totally impressed with both the serving staff who kept the food coming – and kept tables cleared discreetly – but also the food itself. The business owner and the event manager are both vegetarian, so all of the dishes selected were also vegetarian.

I thought I’d share a few photos here with you from the event.

Confit baby potatoes with Maldon sea salt and herb scallion aioli
These were cute little baby potatoes topped with sauce. Pretty tasty, but quite simple.

Cheese tray from Fort Calgary - at a special event.

Cheese tray from Fort Calgary – at a special event.

Cheese tray (above)
I think there were 7 different kinds of cheese on this tray, along with a bunch of fresh fruit. Unfortunately by the time I got around to eating, most of the variety was gone, but I still had the chance to take a mouth-watering photo! The presentation on this tray was delightful!

Veggie tray from Fort Calgary - at a special event.

Veggie tray from Fort Calgary – at a special event.

Veggie tray (left)
Also really nicely presented – this tray had lots of variety of mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, and cucumber. This also was totally devoured before I got much of a chance to eat – good thing I got a photo early when it was being placed out!

Fruit “bowl”
Served in half a watermelon this was so pretty – I wish I’d gotten a better photo that would really show this off.

Crispy Parmesan polenta served with basil pesto and smoked pepper vinaigrette (top of page)
This was the highlight for me of all of the dishes – topped off with roasted red pepper, olives, and other yummy goodness these little bites were really flavourful thanks to the additional veggies on top of the polenta.

We also had super-tasty samosas served with a yogurt dressing (which nicely cut the spice of the samosas), but I didn’t get any photos of those because my photography attentions were elsewhere.

More photos

Check out my Facebook page for more food photos from this event!


Have you been to any really special business events in the last while? Where would you recommend booking based on the space.. and of course the catering?


Fort Calgary
750 9 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB
T2G 5E1


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