Chocolate in Iceland

31 Oct
Chocolate from Iceland

Chocolate from Iceland

I have another super-short post for you today – more (and more recent!) posts to come soon!


Chocolate from Iceland

Chocolate from Iceland

In my last post I shared some of the chocolate/licorice candy bars from Iceland, and today it’s just chocolate. The first (above) is the “traditional” chocolate from Nói Síríus very nicely packaged for the tourist market. I never saw these in gas stations, conveienece stores or graoceries, instead we saw them all over the gift shops and other tourist destinations… we picked ours up at the natural hot springs in Northern Iceland at the Nature Baths near Lake Myvatn.

The chocolate was good, but really nothing special.  (The nature baths on the other hand are amazing, and a must-visit as far as I’m concerned.. if you head to Iceland, add this to your itinerary for sure!)

I didn’t take any photos at the baths (all my time was spent camera/phone free in the water!) so here are some photos from the Nature Bath’s Flickr account:

It might get cold in the winter but the baths are always warm 


Nizza milk chocolate

Nizza milk chocolate

In my last post I showed off the Nizza chocolate and licorice bar, but this one is just chocolate – it was ok… but not quite as creamy as I like..

Nizza milk chocolate

Nizza milk chocolate

I wasn’t terribly fond of this one… bring on the rest of the chocolate with licorice instead!!!

At the same time picking up the Nizza above, we also grabbed a drink – a vegetable/fruit drink called Graenn Floridana Virkni – it was pleasant, with a LOT of ginger flavour.

Veggie juice in Iceland

Veggie juice in Iceland

Care to check out a commercial for their Yerba Mate drink?

Sweden’s offering

Marabou chocolate from Sweden

Marabou chocolate from Sweden

Leaving Iceland, we grabbed a few bits from the duty-free shop, including some chocolate for the flight home (and it was a huge bar, so it lasted a while after we got home too!) This one looks like it’s going to be mint-flavoured chocolate…right? This Marabou chocolate bar, from Sweden, is actually a chocolate bar with bits of mint-flavoured hard toffee/candy throughout. I don’t really like toffee in my chocolate, so I didn’t like it too much….


Until I can return with some updated new lovely posts with delicious ‘food pRon’ to share with you – how about sharing some of your best recommendations with us on Twitter?

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