Sushi Matsuri – Victoria, BC

17 Oct
Roll and Ikura from Sushi Matsuri in Victoria, BC

Roll and Ikura from Sushi Matsuri in Victoria, BC

Sushi Matsuri was one of the sushi places in Victoria that I really wanted to visit, based largely on reviews in Urbanspoon. It was just slightly out of the way – but ended up being right on the path after a nice long walk heading back to our hotel – perfect! (It would have only been more perfect if I had been more hungry!)

My order included an order of tuna sashimi, two pieces of Ikura (they didn’t have chopped scallops on the menu) and an Alaska Roll with scallop, imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber topped off with smoked salmon.

The tuna sashimi was pretty much perfect with a delicate flavour and good texture. The Ikura was shiny and bright, with a lovely salty-fishy flavour – little balls that popped in my mouth as I ate them – which is just perfect. The roll was awesome too – with every flavour working perfectly together – overall, just delicious! (Even if I don’t normally love all the sauce…)


Tuna Sashimi from Sushi Matsuri in Victoria, BC

Tuna Sashimi from Sushi Matsuri in Victoria, BC

Honestly – everything was absolutely fabulous. Although the interior is simple and it’s tucked into a little strip of shops in an otherwise residential area – I’d say the sushi was as good as the best sushi places here in Calgary – it probably ranks right up there with some of the best places I’ve tried in Vancouver too. For such a small place they also have a fairly small menu – my one desire would be for a larger menu, because then I’d try so much more.

Sushi Matsuri is definitely at the very top of my “visit again” list the next time I go to Victoria – and I suggest you add it to the top of your list too if you’re in the mood for sushi. (Even if your companion(s) aren’t sushi lovers… they have a menu of noodles, hot dishes, soup/salad, tempura and such as well.. )

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One response to “Sushi Matsuri – Victoria, BC

  1. Jennifer

    November 18, 2014 at 10:45 am

    I’ve been there too and it is great! Just a little tiny place that you wouldn’t think would be good at all, but it’s amazing!


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