Bento Burrito food truck in Calgary

09 Oct
Bento Burrito food truck "Cali-ritto"

Bento Burrito food truck “Cali-ritto”

More food truck goodness at Mount Royal University!
One of the new ones to come to the MRU campus is Bento Burrito, which blends Mexican and Asian flavours – Connie followed a similar offering from California, but I hadn’t yet tried anything like it here at home.
That is.. until Bento Burrito!

Bento Burrito food truck

Bento Burrito food truck

Their menu includes:

  • “Chiki-rito” – Coconut chicken in a peanut sate
  • “Porki-rito” – slicked pork marinated in teriyaki sauce
  • “Cali-rito” – smoked salmon and crab with nori flakes with wasabi mayo
  • & “Tofu-rito” – smokey toful with nori flakes and Sriracha mayo

I went for the “Cali-rito” myself – and it was awesome!
Along with the salmon, crab, nori, and wasabi mayo, the flour tortilla was wrapped up with sushi rice, pickled carrots, cucumber, daikon (radish) and red onions along with cilantro, avocado and sesame seeds. The daikon was an unexpected addition that added a really wonderful Asian flavour, and I didn’t even mind the onion, cilantro or sesame seeds which normally I don’t love. The nori was chewy, but also a really interesting and tasty addition.

Bento Burrito food truck "Cali-ritto"

Bento Burrito food truck “Cali-ritto”

The “Cali-rito” is definitely on my “try again” list, and I might even try the tofu version as well. I highly recommend checking out this food truck if you see it around Calgary!

I really hope it becomes a regular visitor at MRU!

.. well, that's one way to spell it!

.. well, that’s one way to spell it!

It was funny, the same day that I visited the food truck I saw the “Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong” video, and when my dish came named “Don” instead of “Dawn” (and they called out the order as “Dan” since the clerk read the ‘o’ as an ‘a’) it was like an extension of the joke. (Video below) At least they didn’t spell it with a silent ‘p’!

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2 responses to “Bento Burrito food truck in Calgary

  1. Jennifer

    November 18, 2014 at 10:46 am

    You’re so lucky to have the food trucks come to where you work – where I work they never come, and I’ve only ever tried one of them. I bet it’s a trend that will be falling apart soon, because they’re always so hard to find and few of them ever update their websites it seems.

    • Dawn

      February 26, 2015 at 2:09 pm

      I’ve noticed that too – they seem to be harder to track down, and only appear at big events, but then there’s like a dozen of them.. and who can choose? I was at an event a while ago where I would have LOVED to see one or two food trucks – and none showed up. Then I was at another, and there were 4 on one side-street alone! Unfortunately they’ve stopped coming where I work too, so it’s back to the food court for me….


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