Are you a culinary traveler?

02 Oct
Juno Sushi in Vancouver   (iPhone photo) Vancouver made #8 in Travelocity's top-ten list of top destinations for foodies

Juno Sushi in Vancouver (iPhone photo) Vancouver made #8 in Travelocity’s top-ten list of top destinations for foodies

Are you a culinary traveler? Do you explore exciting destinations with all of your senses – including your tastebuds?

Travelocity just published a top 10 list of amazing places to visit – based largely on the cuisine they’re known for!

So… who made the list?

Top 10 travel destinations for amazing food: (According to Travelocity)

  1. San Francisco, USA – topped the list with the spicy Sriracha as the flavour of choice – Happy Sushi Belly writer Connie is a regular Bay-Area visitor.. perhaps in the next while she’ll chime in with some of the spicier ‘San Francisco treats’. 😉
  2. New York City, USA – made the list with gourmet burgers – I bet there are some local Calgary burger masters who could give even this number two pick a run for their money!
  3. San Sebastien, Spain – came in at number three for Spanish chefs who forage for their own fresh ingredients like herbs, berries, mushrooms and more – this reminds me a lot of berry-picking in Finland and mushroom hunting in Iceland!
  4. Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)
    Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)
  5. Toronto, Canada – at number four is Toronto – you can check out what WE recommend in Toronto by clicking the Toronto tag, but Travelocity writer Christine Couvelier recommends trying out some hand-held pies!
  6. Lyon, France – heading back across the ocean again Lyon is noted for heritage cuisine blending traditional food and artisan creations for unique tastes.
  7. Seattle, USA – another American city made the top-ten list for a very specific treat – salted caramel. Me.. I’d recommend sushi (how surprising!)
  8. New Orleans, USA – wow, the American cities really are winning the battle on Travelocity’s list- NOLA joins the list because of craft cocktails. I would have voted for the unique Cajun flavours myself, but not everyone likes the down-south twist… (Though I will agree on a nice mint julep!)  For a NOLA-inspired meal right here in Calgary, check out Sticky Ricky’s – and the Happy Sushi Belly review here.
  9. Vancouver, Canada – Hurrah for yet another Canadian city making the list. When I’m in Vancouver it’s seafood every day… and sustainable seafood puts this amazing city on Travelocity’s list too. Check out our favourite Vancouver places by checking out the Vancouver tag right here on Happy Sushi Belly.
  10. Stockholm, Sweden – number nine in their top-ten list with “Salt is the new Pepper” – an interesting idea. I know that Stockholm is pretty high on my travel wish-list!
  11. Tuscany, Italy – I’m surprised Tuscany didn’t get a higher ranking on this top-ten list – they earned their entry with roasted chicken – another upset since Italy is so well known for all sorts of different dishes!

What do you think of Travelocity’s list? What do you think they’re missing? (Other than Calgary’s steakhouses of course!) Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

My list (so far!)

  1. I’d put Vancouver at the top spot myself, followed by:
  2. Turku, Finland
  3. Rekyjavik, Iceland
  4. Victoria, Canada
  5. Seattle, USA
  6. Hawaii, USA
  7. Helsinki, Finland
  8. Portland, USA
  9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Toronto, Canada (tie!)
  10. Savonlinna, Finland

– Click any of the links to see posts from those amazing cities/areas – and the reasons WHY I loved the food there! Of course – this list is totally a work-in-progress, and highly subject to change the more I travel and the more amazing places I visit, and food trucks, food festivals, restaurants, pubs, and cafes I visit!


Watermelon, feta & mint salad at the Argyle Attic in Victoria, BC

Watermelon, feta & mint salad at the Argyle Attic in Victoria, BC


Oh yeah.. and this all leads to… a contest! Check it out by visiting their top-ten list.




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    November 18, 2014 at 10:50 am

    it looks like the contest is over.


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