Azuma Sushi – Victoria, BC

01 Oct


Tuna sashimi from Azuma Sushi

Tuna sashimi from Azuma Sushi

Well since I took a bit of a break from my Iceland posts to share the Taste of Calgary 2014 with you, I figured I’d postpone getting back to Iceland a bit longer, and bounce off to my August trip to Victoria, BC.

I’m not entirely sure how to rate Azuma Sushi – I’m not sure if I should give it a good rating (for food, price) or a poor one (due to one really rather serious problem…so let’s start off with the good…

Located in downtown Victoria, Azuma Sushi is easy to get too, well-located near a major shopping mall, and surrounded by a number of other places to eat. I convinced my travel companion to come for sushi for lunch (when we were hot and tired from walking already that day) so we went in (and promptly passed up the offered tea in favor of water!).

Bento Box from Azuma Sushi

Bento Box from Azuma Sushi

My companion had a bento box, with tempura, chicken katsu, rice with sauce, and a mixed salad along with miso soup. Until the problem, she seemed to really enjoy the meal.

I had tuna sashimi (pictured above) and then ordered some sushi pieces- chopped scallops from the regular menu, and then Ikura and salmon from the anniversary menu, where from Sunday – Thursday Nigiri sushi was $0.99 /each.  The tuna sashimi was really good, and the sushi was good too (apart from the ‘tails’ of nori on all of the rolls – I hate those!)  I also thought that the prices (with the anniversary special menu) were quite good as well.

Now… for the bad part.

Nearing the end of our meal, my companion was finishing her salad – she scooped up a large bit of lettuce, and bit down… and cried out. There was a large chunk of oyster shell in her salad, and since with it’s white-colour being so close to the colour of the lettuce – she didn’t see it, and hurt her teeth and mouth with the broken shell.

The server explained that the chefs must have been shelling oysters next to the salad – and a broken shell fell into the salad bowl. She kept coming back several times, obviously chatting with the manager about what to do about the issue, and at first offered us a free bowl of ice cream to apologize (we weren’t interested… our appetites were pretty turned off with the broken shell, sore teeth, and cut mouth…). She then ended up taking my companion’s meal off the bill so we only paid for my part of the meal.

Although our server did try to make our experience better, I still can’t really give Azuma Sushi a good review… and looking at the UrbanSpoon reviews, I’m guessing that this wasn’t an isolated experience.

Azuma Sushi
615 Yates St
Victoria, BC V8W1L2
(250) 382-8768
Azuma Sushi on Urbanspoon

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