Dinner in Borgarnes, Iceland

19 Sep
Borgarnes starter - scallops and shrimps

Borgarnes starter – scallops and shrimps

I’m back with another post from Iceland!

In the town of Borgarnes, we stayed at what was probably my favourite hotel for the entire trip – and the food was delicious too.

Located on a lovely peaceful golf course with views of mist-filled mountains, and the Borgarnes Fjord, the Hotel Hamar is a one-level hotel that boasts multiple geothermal-heated hot pools overlooking the 18-hole golf course. Even when the rain started to fall again, I stayed in the hot tub, and then scampered back to our room across the short lawn to the patio of our room. The hotel room also had a real-sized shower (compared to all of those tiny showers we’d experienced in previous rooms!). Borgarnes is only about an hour’s drive north of Reykjavik, and an excellent gateway for sightseeing, hiking, whale watching, or other activities.  The Hamar is a bit outside the town, but if you visit with your own vehicle, this shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s only a 5-minute walk to the town.

Borgarnes starter - scallops and shrimps

Borgarnes starter – scallops and shrimps

Of course, you’re not here to read about Hotel Hamar, but rather to get a virtual ‘taste’ of our meal through a little “FoodPorn”..

Our starter was scallops and shrimps with greens – I swapped the shrimps for scallops with my travel companion which we both thought was a good call since I’m much more fond of scallops than shrimps, and my companion feels the opposite!

Chicken dinner in Borgarnes

Chicken dinner in Borgarnes

Dinner was chicken over mashed potatoes and gravy with more greens. The chicken looks a bit ‘greasy’ or something in the photo above, but it wasn’t, and was actually delicious. No bones either, thank goodness! It was one of the few times we had chicken in our travels – apparently chicken and pork are almost as rare as beef, with the locals preferring lamb and fish/seafood whenever possible. Their website boasts that the vegetables are actually grown at the hotel itself.

Delightful dessert in Borgarnes

Delightful dessert in Borgarnes

The dessert looks a little odd – that smear of brown was a flavourful chocolate mousse, to complement a chocolate brownie which was joined by a large half-strawberry and some raspberry coulis.

Borgarnes starter - scallops and shrimps

Delicious dessert

The brownie was interesting – very dense and chocolate-y, more like a flourless cake than a brownie really…


Hotel Hamar
310 Borgarnes
tel: +354 433 6600
fax: +354 433 6601

Our night in Borgarnes was nearly the end of our tour in Iceland – from here we headed back to the capital Reykjavik. I still have a few more Iceland food photos and posts to share with you, but I’ll end this post with some photos from our last tour day.


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