Silk Road Tea – Victoria, BC

07 Sep
Selection of teas at Silk Road in Victoria, BC

Selection of teas at Silk Road in Victoria, BC

I’m going to take a little break from my Iceland posts to head back to Canada again – this time for my trip to Victoria, BC, and a must-visit Silk Road Tea shop.

Located in the Chinatown area of downtown, Silk Road is spa on one side, and tea on the other, and a young woman greeted all of the guests with a free sample of a freshly made iced tea to take off some of the heat of the August day when we visited.

I’ll share some of what I bought at Silk Road with you soon – but in the meantime I thought I’d share the shop itself with you.

The shop is set up like some others – with large bins of tea, small sample vials or jars for sniffing, but then they have a variety of reusable tins under the counter and scoops and stickers for you to take as much or as little of their tea from the large bins as you want. They’ve arranged their teas by type (black, green, etc) and then also have an abundant selection of pre-packaged tins and sample packs, as well as teaware like pots, cups, strainers, etc.

Did you know that Silk Road tea is gluten-free? Since it doesn’t include artificial flavours, it’s safe for those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance.  They also have a mini-shop in the recently-opened Victoria Public Market (not too far from an amazing olive oil shop that we tried to get back to… (but ran out of time 😦 )

What I bought at Silk Road Tea... which I'll blog about soon!

What I bought at Silk Road Tea… which I’ll blog about soon!

Silk Road Tea
1624 Government St,
Victoria, BC V8W 1Z3
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