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17 Aug
Mongolian Beef & Spring rolls

Mongolian Beef & Spring rolls

In my last post I shared some of the sushi my dining companions and I shared when we visited The One Sushi only 3 weeks after it opened it’s doors.  In this post I’ll let you know about some of the other food items.

The One Sushi offers Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Korean foods, including soups, rice dishes, deep fried items, and salads.

One of my companions ordered the Mongolian Beef, pictured above. He said that this was probably his favourite dish of the whole night, and would definitely order more of it. We also ordered one order of spring rolls, but accidently got 3 orders! Ouch!

Good for groups

Although I wouldn’t say that the sushi at The One Sushi was the best in the city (or even the best sushi of the All You Can Eat options), it’s still pretty good, and with a wide variety of sushi alternatives, it’s a good option for groups where some people might like sushi, and others don’t.

Chicken Noodle soup from The One Sushi

Chicken Noodle soup from The One Sushi

One of the dishes I really liked was the Chicken Noodle Soup – though I would have liked if the chicken was cut a bit smaller. There were plenty of veggies, and the broth was very flavourful.  I’d definitely have this again.

Most of the food dishes were quite small – which is good because it allowed for a lot of sampling of different things.  One of my companions also had the corn soup, and said it was really good. It wasn’t corn  chowder, and I thought it didn’t look good I’m afraid – but she said it was worth giving a try.


We shared a few different tempura dishes – onions, yams, scallop, and shrimp.

Tempura Shrimp from The One Sushi

Tempura Shrimp from The One Sushi

I didn’t try the shrimp or the onion, but was told that they were all right.

I did have some of the yam tempura though, and it was ok, though I found it really way too oily. Although I really like tempura – I don’t think I’d order this again simply because of the oil.

The “tempura” scallop on the other hand was pretty tasty, but it definitely wasn’t tempura. It was more like Captain Highliner’s breading coating a scallop, with a dollop of mayo on it. It was good – but strange too.


While I had sushi, my dining companions also had a few other dishes like the lemon chicken (above), chicken fried rice, edename (soy beans) and gyoza (which were on the menu as ‘fried dumplings’).


The All You Can Eat option from The One Sushi has a few price points. We went on Sunday for lunch, and the price for adults was $17.95. The prices change based on which day of the week you go, if it’s for dinner or lunch, and differs for adults/seniors and children (based on age and height….?). Unfortunately I never saw a price posted anywhere, and when we mentioned price to the server, I think he misunderstood, and just told us that it was All You Can Eat.


Customers Monday-Friday Sat. Sun. & holidays
Lunch Adults $16.95 $17.95
Lunch Kids (under 140 cm) $8.95 3-4 years old $3.95
Dinner Adults $27.95 $27.95
Dinner Seniors $21.95 $21.95
Dinner Kids (under 140 cm) $15.95 3-4 years old $4.95

Other menu options

The One Sushi also offers a regular menu as well with both more sushi items, sashimi, love boats, bento boxes, and many more cooked dishes. However the menu for this is only at the front counter, with a title of “Take out and delivery” – which makes me suspect that it’s not available for dine-in. In fact, we weren’t offered anything other than the iPad ordering system for the smaller menu. Several items from the iPad menu weren’t actually on the pamphlet either.
The One Sushi
5222 Macleod Trail SW
Tel: 403-259-8585
One Sushi on Urbanspoon

And now..

…back to more posts about Iceland!

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