Dinner in Vik, Iceland

05 Aug
Lamb for dinner in Vik

Lamb for dinner in Vik

I’m back!

That’s right, I’m back from Iceland, and I have a whole bunch of amazingly beautiful food photos to share with you along with a few lovely shots from this gorgeous country.  I took a bus tour while I was there, and most of our dinners during the tour (along with all of our breakfasts) were included which made it easier than trying to find a restaurant or cafe, sometimes in areas where there was limited selection.

The first place we stopped in Iceland was in the town of Vik.  Our dinner was at the Hotel Edda Vik.

Our starter was buns and butter, followed by dinner consisting of a lamb chop with greens and potatoes.  I don’t eat a lot of lamb, and I found this one dry, and perhaps overcooked? It also was very fatty and there were large portions of the meat that I opted not to eat.

On the other hand, the dessert was fantastic! This was Skyr Cotta – Panna Cotta made with Skyr, Icelandic yoghurt. Topped with vanilla cream and a few berries, the texture was firm and smooth, and the taste was creamy without being overly sweet.

Skyr cotta, Vik

Skyr cotta, Vik

Hotel Edda Vik
Klettsvegur 1-5, 870 Vik
Phone: (+354) 444 4840

To finish up this post, I’m leaving you with some photos from the first day of our tour, including a photo from the black sand beaches and unusual cliffs at Vik.

If you’re interested in the rest of my photos, check out my Flickr album!

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