Fine dining – babies welcome?

07 Jun
Buffet Lunch along the Aura River

We’re safe from babies at a wine bar!

A while back on our Facebook page there was a bit of a discussion about children (specifically babies) in fine-dining establishments. This was brought about by an article on NBC news when a chef at a high-end exclusive restaurant tweeted a question if babies should be in an establishment where the price tag starts at $200 per person.

There was a lot of debate about the topic on Twitter, and a few comments on our Facebook page as well (click the link to join in).

While everyone can probably understand the frustration of finding a reliable sitter even if they don’t have a child, there are certain times and places where a screaming infant, tantrum-throwing toddler, or teething tot. Romantic dinners, catching up with long-unseen friends over coffee, or sharing a meal with soon-to-be in-laws comes to mind just for starters.

What do you think? When you go to “family restaurants” it’s natural to expect a variety of kids there, but what about when you want to go out for a really nice meal? Do you ask your hostess for a table in the the “no children zone”?

Let us know in the comments below or join us on Facebook!

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