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29 Apr


"Yume Roll" at Yume Sushi (a salmon, mango cali roll)iPhone photo

“Yume Roll” at Yume Sushi (a salmon, mango topped roll)iPhone photo

After a really disappointing experience with a sushi place, I had the totally opposite experience recently visiting Yume in northwest Calgary.

Driving up to Yume, my expectations were pretty low – their website hadn’t worked in the morning, the location was in a strip mall (next to a closed hair salon), and the interior, while clean, was simple and a bit ‘cheap’ looking.  While I had gone for sushi last with high expectations that weren’t met – my expectations of Yume were really low, but the food was really good!

My friend suggested Yume (only looking for something open on a Sunday afternoon, and close to the Calyx Art Show) so I didn’t check out the reviews on UrbanSpoon – which is probably a good thing. Just as good reviews at the last sushi place had made me really want to check out a sushi resturaunt, the bad reviews of Yume might have kept me away – and that would have been unfortunate.

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There was quite a bit of selection on the menu, though I was a bit confused by some of the photos which had captions, but I couldn’t find the description of the roll on the menu. I ended up sticking with an order of Tuna Sashimi, two pieces each of my favourite Ikura (Salmon roe) and Chopped Scallop Battleship rolls, and the house “Yume Roll” which is a roll topped with mango and salmon.

Tuna sashimi at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

Tuna sashimi at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

The Tuna Sashimi wasn’t really anything special – it was reasonably well cut, and tasted fine. The order was for 4 pieces, but instead I had 8 exceptionally thin pieces which I thought was a bit strange. Still, all that matters is the taste, right?

Ikura in the front, and chopped scallop at the back at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

Ikura in the front, and chopped scallop at the back at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

The two a la carte pieces (the Ikura and chopped scallop) were similar – while I did find the nori a little chewy, I thought both pieces were good.  Not the absolute best sushi I’ve had in Calgary mind you – but good, and excellent value for the price.

The Yume roll on the other hand was fantastic! I had been toying with the idea of ordering Yam Tempura or Gyoza as well, but I ended up ordering another Yume roll instead.  It was really good, and I would definitely recommend it!

While the interior is plain-looking, the food is good, but the service is really casual. Our server was a bit more interested in the toddler visiting than in bringing us water, and was hard to get the attention of when we needed refills, despite there being only a few people in the small restaurant. With that being said, our meal was prepared very quickly, which was appreciated.

Head to Yume for casual service, a casual environment, decent food at a fairly good price. It’s not the best sushi in Calgary by far, but it’s good value for a casual meal, lunch, or quick dinner. We also saw  several people come in for take-out sushi while we were there, which is likely also a great option.

The interior of Yume sushi. iPhone photo

The interior of Yume sushi. iPhone photo



Price chart

Sushi Menu price (before tax)
Tuna sashimi $8.00/ 4 pieces (actually 8 thin pieces)
Special (chopped) scallop $1.50 / each
Ikura $1.50 / each
Yume roll $8.50 / 6 pieces
My bill at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

My bill at Yume Sushi iPhone photo

Yume Sushi
Northmount Village
3400 14 St NW
Calgary, AB T2K 1H9
Yume Sushi on Urbanspoon

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