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27 Mar
Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)

Avocado salad from Blue Circle Sushi (Seattle)

As most of our Happy Sushi Belly readers know, one of the first websites we linked to was UrbanSpoon. I used UrbanSpoon ALL THE TIME when looking for someplace new to eat, or even when just trying to figure out if the place I was thinking of has the menu/hours/etc I want.

With that in mind, we’re currently ranked #38 on UrbanSpoon, and here’s my little push to ask you to help us increase that number to get even more exposure for Happy Sushi Belly.

Happy Sushi Belly Calgary restaurants

If, like me, you love UrbanSpoon, and have a profile there, consider visiting our profile on there, and clicking “Follow“. Then, when you see we’ve posted something new on UrbanSpoon (if you see it there first!) follow the link on UrbanSpoon to read more! The more traffic we see from UrbanSpoon, the higher our ranking will go! (And subsequently, the more people that will see our posts!)

Of course, you can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus too!

Of course, to stay in touch you can also follow us on Twitter, or join our Facebook page!

Screenshot from day one!

Screenshot from day one!

Want a little more light reading? There’s an interesting (and kind of confusing to me at least) blog post about the “hotness factor” of blog posts and UrbanSpoon rankings from 2009 on Food near Snellville.

On the other hand “Your Resturaunt Sucks” really could care less about UrbanSpoon rankings.  (And a much more light-hearted post for sure!)

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