Sushi: Kyoto in Edmonton

19 Mar
Sashimi plate from Kyoto Sushi in Edmonton

Sashimi plate from Kyoto Sushi in Edmonton

I was up in Edmonton not too long ago for a concert (Tyr, Death Angel, and Children of Bodom) and while I was there I of course had to go for sushi!

I stopped in at Sushi Kyoto, in the Argyll Plaza area. The restaurant was slow, though it was about 5:00 p.m. when I was there, only one other diner (one of the members from one of the bands!) was there while I was there and a couple came in as I was leaving. The restaurant is simple but clean and tidy, but I found that the menu wasn’t very diverse. One potential problem that the other diner had (and if I’d been looking for rolls, I might have as well) was that the rolls were listed by name, but didn’t include ingredients. While a California Roll might be the same all over, local favourites are sometimes regional creations. Since it appeared as though the only staff person working up front was both a chef, server, host, and cashier, this meant that it took some time to have his questions answered about what was included in each roll.

This same low service (which is understandable considering how few diners were eating in Kyoto) also meant that when I needed more water, wanted to place an order, or wanted the bill, it took a long time to get the attention of the staff member.

Chopped scallop roll from Kyoto Sushi in Edmonton

Chopped scallop roll from Kyoto Sushi in Edmonton

The sashimi plate was ok, it included four different kinds of fish; salmon, tuna, yellowtail and prawn. I also ordered the “chop chop” – the Edmonton name for what we call here the Special Scallop (chopped scallop, tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise). It was… forgettable.

I’d return to Kyoto if I were in the area… but if not, I wouldn’t make a trip there.

More photos

Want to see photos of the concert? Check out my Flickr set of the Tyr / Death Angel / Children of Bodom show in Edmonton!

Sushi Kyoto
9852 63 Ave NW,
Edmonton, AB T6E 0G6
(780) 413-6363
Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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