Interruptions to tasty success

11 Feb
Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcake

Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcake

Sometimes it’s a missed reservation, sometimes a restaurant that doesn’t quite measure up to it’s hype, and in this case… it’s the postal service. The postal service has interrupted my noms.

A while back I entered a contest – the Gluten-Free box giveaway.  The premise is the business owner has put together a delicious assortment of items – all gluten-free. It’s a great idea for a gift for someone who is eliminating gluten from their diet (either because of allergies or general health choices) for birthdays, or thank-you gifts. The business owner also suggested it would be a great care package for a university student, and I thought it would be awesome to leave for the pet/house-sitter or babysitter. Other than just trying a few new tasty things, I also thought it would be great just as pantry-filler for when gluten-free guests come over (since so often our house would be a snack wasteland for those who have gluten sensitivity!).

But… the postal service has interrupted my noms.  I won a mini-pack to sample some of the items, but the package never arrived! I can only imagine that the postal service has either lost the package or redirected it somewhere else.  Could it be a problem of crossing the border between Canada and the USA?

I’ve been having a few struggles with postal issues lately. I ordered a shirt from Toronto-based independent (typically one-of-a-kind) designer Toxic Vision, and it never arrived. I had hoped to wear it to a concert, but then the designer ended up re-making the shirt and it finally arrived well past my anticipated arrival date. Too late for the concert, but I’m sure I’ll find another occasion to wear it!  I also placed a VIP order for the reunion tour of Moist – one of my favorite (soft) metal bands back in High School, and the poster that was supposed to come with the order didn’t come. I wrote and let them know, and it did arrive… long after the concert itself mind you; too late to have it signed by the band.

Right now I have a huge order of CDs and other music merchandise coming from Finland’s Levykauppa Ax, including new releases by Stam1na, Amoral, and Metsatoll, along with a host of others… here’s hoping it doesn’t get delayed (or worse!) too!

Gluten-Free Foodgasm  Lemon Creamsicle cupcake

Gluten-Free Foodgasm Lemon Creamsicle cupcake

If you’re a business person who relies on the postal service to deliver your goods, have you had any challenges lately with Canadian deliveries? If you’re a Canadian, have you noticed your packages taking longer or higher frequencies of getting lost than before? Or do I just have bad luck? Comment in the field below!

On that note, if you’re in Calgary.. these delicious cupcakes in this post are from the Gluten-Free Foodgasm bakery I’ve blogged about before.. go nom!

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