Valentine’s day chocolate round-up

09 Feb
All three chocolates!

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly… and although my plans may or may not involve sushi and tea, I have some suggestions if you want to think about something sweet for your sweetie…

Check out our past posts about chocolate:

the Leaf

One of my favourite Bernard Callebaut chocolates

Bernard Callebaut “For those of you who are new to Bernard Callebaut, you can go in and simply pick up a pre-packaged box (done in their signature copper box, or seasonally wrapped for a slightly higher price) in several sizes – or you can also make up your own box. This is what I almost always do for close friends or relatives, so I can get the chocolates that I know they’ll especially like.”

Green tea and chocolate

Green tea and chocolate

Green tea and chocolate“It’s a strange combination, but green tea and chocolate together is awesome…”

Ice wine truffle

Ice wine truffle

Chocolate from Choklat – ” I was really looking forward to this one [Iced wine truffle] – I though about some of the lovely Ontario and BC ice wines that I’ve had – light, sweet, almost ‘bubbly’ on the tongue. Since I like sweet, I find them more refreshing than ‘sweet’ like some people do, and find them less heavy than other wines.”

Geisha Chocolate

Geisha Chocolate

Maybe a little imported chocolate “Fazer is a huge Finnish company with many brands under its umbrella. One brand is Geisha confectionary, with a hazelnut flavour. They have a milk and dark chocolate variation, and I even saw  ice cream bars at the ever-present ice cream stands.”

You could also consider some chocolate-flavoured teas:

Such a pretty tea

Jazz Cats Meow

Jazz Cats Meow“The scent of the tea dry is exactly what you would expect – Earl Grey and chocolate.  Delicious!  The taste is the same – a creamy, smooth, delightful Earl Grey with slight floral notes and pleasing chocolate flavors.  My only complaint – I find myself picking out the little pieces of chocolate constantly and making them before I brew my tea… chocolate infused with the taste of black tea is amazing!  I would put this up near the top of my list of always reliably good, and always reliably enjoyed teas.”

Chocolate Orange tea from David's tea

Chocolate Orange tea from David’s tea

Chocolate-orange tea from David’s Tea“The tea steeps up very dark, and has a warm taste, with sort of a coffee-like richness.  It was only when I went online to grab a link for the blog that I realized that the reason for the ‘baked’, coffee-like taste was that this is a pu’erh tea!  The chocolate and orange tastes are both there, but not the way I had anticipated. The chocolate is more like a dark chocolate than my far-preferred milk chocolate.”

Spiced chocolate chai

Spiced chocolate chai

Spiced chocolate chai “I’d say that if you’re a spicy chai fan, you might very much like this interpretation – but if you are looking for a soothing chocolate, this isn’t the best tea.  Perhaps I’ll try it with milk in future. That being said, even after four infusions it still had a lot of kick, so you get your money’s worth with this one if you do like it!”

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Roobois chocolate mint tea – “Yep, I love all things chocolate, and this one is no exception.  The scent of the tea dry is amazing – a great blend of tea, chocolate, and mint.  Steeped, the tea definitly has a chocolate scent – without being overwhelmingly “chocolate”.  The flavor, once steeped is similar; the flavors of tea, chocolate, and mint all blend together really well.”

Chocolate Rocket from David's Tea

Chocolate Rocket from David’s Tea

Chocolate rocket“So, I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about Chocolate Rocket.. but apparently I’m alone in that, because I did a quick blog search, and ALL of the bloggers who I could find, LOVED it.”

Stash's Chocolate Mint Oolong

Stash’s Chocolate Mint Oolong

Chocolate mint oolong“A new delight has been Stash’s Chocolate Mint Oolong tea.  I picked this up from Safeway, and have really enjoyed it.  The chocolate flavor, mint flavor, and the flavor of the oolong tea are all really nicely blended so that no one flavor overpowers the others. Scent-wise it’s the same thing.. the individual scents don’t overwhelm one another.  It’s naturally a bit sweet (though as a morning tea I do add some sweetener) but not overly so in my sweet-loving opinion.  I bet it would be fantastic with a bit of milk too!  It has a slightly creamy taste, but with the mint and the oolong, there’s a freshness to it as well.”

Red Velvet Cake waiting for water at the bottom of my new Perfect Tea Maker

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake tea “Red Velvet Cake is one of David’s Teas, and I picked it up a while ago, loved it, and then went out and got more! While it’s supposed to be chocolatey – there isn’t really a strong chocolate flavour -but instead a rich, smooth tea.”

Turtle Tea

Turtle Tea

Turtle Tea “I would likely put this tea in the same kind of category as White Chocolate Mousse and Jazz Cats Meow; a black tea with chocolate flavors.  This one has both white and milk chocolate chips, plus almond slivers with the black tea, so with a bit of sugar and milk it’s sweet, warming, and satisfying.  It’s a very nice dessert or after-dinner tea, though I have enjoyed it more in the mornings to make Mondays a lot more pleasant.”

Love Tea #7

Love Tea #7

Love Tea #7 “It is a delicious tea, sweet without being overly sweet, and really nice black (though I usually have it with milk!)”

Pretty tea

Banff Trail Mix tea

Banff Trail Mix “The tea steeps up a rich, lovely dark amber colour, and still has that same scent that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Unfortunately, when I had it black, it was a bit underwhelming.  The flavor was similar to the scent, but it didn’t have as much flavor as I had hoped for.”

Silk Road's Velvet Potion tea

Silk Road’s Velvet Potion tea

Velvet Potion“This was a pleasant tea, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, and it smells nice – but the chocolate flavor is very weak compared to some of the other chocolate teas that I’ve had the chance to try lately.  The tea is mild, with a gentle chocolate flavor along with the flavor of black tea.”


Goodness, I sure have tried a lot of chocolate teas! Want to see even more? Click that search button and add in a term like “chocolate” for all search results with ‘chocolate’ in them. You can also just click the “chocolate” category tag in the category cloud.

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day?

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