Tea: Devil’s Chocolate

07 Feb
The retail wall of David's Tea

The retail wall of David’s Tea

Ages ago I picked up a small amount of Devil’s Chocolate from Teaopia, a rooibos tea with cacao nibs, ginger, cloves, and red pepper.  The tea is intended to be a rich chocolate flavour for chocolate lovers, but I was disappointed in the tea as a chocolate tea.  The tea is tasty, but not really the chocolate flavour that I was hoping for.

Dry, the tea is mostly spicy, warm, hot…  There’s also a slight bitterness to the scent which I didn’t care for, but     I was so curious to try the tea that I went for it anyways.

When steeped, the tea has that same spicy scent – the ginger really comes through, along with the pepper.  The taste is similar, though the bitterness isn’t there. The tea is pretty bland without sweetener, but once I added it the chocolate taste comes out just slightly, though I would still say that the ginger and pepper tastes are much stronger.  I added some milk to mellow it out, however found that it wasn’t needed; it didn’t change the taste that much.

I did a search for other bloggers reviewing this tea, and I couldn’t find anything – so leave me your thoughts in the comments if you’ve tried Devil’s Chocolate! Of course, Teaopia has now been bought out by Teavana, so it’s not available anymore. I did notice that The Banff Tea Company had a spicy chocolate tea in stock the last time I visited… though I resisted the urge to buy… more tea!

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