All I can taste is onions…

01 Feb
Red onions and fried onions - from a meal where I specifically asked for 'no onions'!

Red onions and fried onions – from a meal where I specifically asked for ‘no onions’!

I usually try to be pretty positive in my reviews here on Happy Sushi Belly – which is usually easy because I’ve visited so many great places and tried so many delicious things.

This won’t be one of those reviews.

Schanks Sports Grill (aka Schanks Athletic Club)

I visited Schanks for a friends birthday – and while meeting her friends, visiting, and sharing stories was great, the service was absolutely terrible, and the food wasn’t at all what I ordered.

It took a little while for the server to come around when I was there (we all arrived separately, so this didn’t worry me at all) and I asked for a glass of water to start and a menu for food.  While other items were dropped off (and the people dropping them off said they couldn’t take orders) my water (nor the menu) simply never showed up…

Finally another person dropping off food came and I said that I’d been waiting a really long time, so she took my order. It ultimately took an hour to get a glass of water. I contemplated not ordering food at all considering this, but I was so hungry!

I was clear in my food order that I didn’t want onions – not on my sandwich, not in my salad, none at all.

When my food finally arrived, there were onions in both. There were terrible raw red onions in my salad, and the entire sandwich was topped off with fried onion bits.  I picked as much out as I could (even if I wanted to send it back, no server every came around to inquire) but still upon eating it, all I could taste was onions. (ick!) If the food was good or not I couldn’t tell you, because the smell and taste of onion just dominated the entire thing. I’m not outright allergic to onions – I just find that they overwhelm a dish, and occasionally get a headache or stomach ache if I eat them.

I can only imagine what life would be like if someone had a real food allergy and chose to eat at Schanks. Keep your epi-pens handy folks!

I did ask for another glass of water, but that too never came. (You might notice that sad, empty glass in the photo above…)

I was ready to go, stood up and put my coat on. I was chatting with friends but ready to drop the bare minimum of money on the table to pay for my meal before someone finally came over.  It took asking three times to get a bill, and the server was cold and irritated (though there was no reason on our end for her to be) and when she saw I had not given any tip, she snarled as she handed over my receipt.  Really? You don’t deliver my food, and when you do, it’s incorrect or an hour late? And you think you’re getting a tip?

A common experience

I suppose it might be a one-of bad experience if I were the only member of our group who experienced this slow, terrible experience, but it seemed like most of us were really disappointed in Schanks.  Luckily the company and conversation was good, saving the evening.

But I still have a bad taste in my mouth.

Absolutely not recommended. There are far better sports bars if you’re in the mood for that in Calgary where you don’t have to deal with the mix of atrocious service and might actually get your order right (or at least be willing to fix it!) If I ever have to go there again (to be social) I’ll eat before I arrive and bring my own bottle of water.

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