Tea: Oolong Tea House (Kensington)

30 Jan
Tea and a matcha smoothie from the Oolong Tea House

Tea and a matcha smoothie from the Oolong Tea House

Kensington is one of those districts that I used to practically LIVE in when I was a teenager and young adult. I loved the vibe in Kensington, loved the shops, and loved just wandering up and down the street before grabbing a coffee (back in my pre-tea days) at the corner coffee shop before hopping on the train to head home.

These days, I’m lucky to get down there once a year… you might remember that my last post about the Oolong Tea House in Kensington was all the way back in 2011! I did get down there at the end of January (to head to the last days of Kensington Art Supply’s moving sale!) and before heading home I stopped into the Oolong Tea House for a refreshment.

Tea and a matcha smoothie from the Oolong Tea House

Tea and a matcha smoothie from the Oolong Tea House

I was at first really tempted to try out a chocolate truffle flavoured black tea, but after walking around outside bundled up in winter gear, I was actually pretty warm, so opted for a matcha smoothie made with almond milk. It was super delicious, with the almond milk adding in loads of sweetness to match the slight bitterness of the matcha. My companion on the other hand opted for a lavender tea with honey, which was even better still (of course we had to trade sips!) I thought her tea tasted like perfume, and within the first few sips she decided to grab a small container to take home too.

The price… considering that the clerk doesn’t time the tea steeping for you, and the water comes out at one temperature from the hot water heater tap (and there’s no timer to let you know how to avoid over-steeping your tea) I found the price a wee bit high. (Though still comparable with your half-caff, no foam, cinnamon sprinkled latte..) To get loose leaf tea to go, they sell it in a “small, medium, or large” container – but I wasn’t sure how many grams of tea would go in each size.

While we were wandering up and down the main shopping streets in Kensington, we also noticed that Naked Leaf location was for lease.  Checking out their website, it looks like they’ve just relocated, but I didn’t see them in our wandering… I keep missing my chance to go there!

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