Jelly Modern Doughnuts

20 Jan
S'mores doughnut from Jelly Modern Doughnuts

S’mores doughnut from Jelly Modern Doughnuts

The other day I mentioned Kanpai Sushi on 8th Avenue S.W., so today I’ll blog about their next-door neighbour, Jelly Modern Doughnuts.

Although I do love sweet treats, I’m not much of a big doughnut fan. I was looking forward to these treats though – packing them up to share at home after a late sushi lunch. There are so many great posts about Jelly Modern on UrbanSpoon that I don’t really feel like I need to share too much more, so I’ll just share some photos to tempt your tastebuds…

Ordering at Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Ordering at Jelly Modern Doughnuts (faces blurred for privacy)

The interior is cute and perky, sweet just like pastry with hot pink paper lanterns and glossy white surfaces. I disliked the glossy white menu with the pale grey writing though.. my poor eyes strained after the dim light in the sushi restaurant! There were only a few different flavours in the display case though, which was disappointing – the menu promised flavours that just weren’t available at the time…

Jelly Modern Doughnuts interior

Jelly Modern Doughnuts interior (faces blurred for privacy)

I loved the little display of Halloween doughnuts, but they weren’t behind glass, so I presumed that they were only for display – examples of doughnuts you could order for a party.

Halloween samples at Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Halloween samples at Jelly Modern Doughnuts

I liked that they had two different sizes of doughnuts to choose from, though not all flavours were available in both sizes.  I ended up picking out a S’mores doughnut (only available in the large size – a regular plain doughnut with a very, very thin chocolate glaze on top, with a melted marshmallow in the middle and a few graham cracker crumbs on top), a Callebeaut Chocolate doughnut (a plain doughnut in the smaller size with a thicker dark chocolate glaze and a few chocolate shavings), and a Peanut Butter Cup doughnut (the smaller size plain doughnut with a chocolate glaze, and a blob of peanut butter icing in the centre, topped with two peanuts.

Three doughnuts at home from Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Three doughnuts at home from Jelly Modern Doughnuts

The doughnuts were all tasty, but not any better than good-old Tim Horton’s doughnuts in my opinion. Their website claims “We use only the finest quality ingredients in our recipes — locally sourced and organic whenever possible. A healthier artisan treat — a sophisticated update on a classic Canadian tradition” which might suggest that they might be a bit healthier than the local coffee & doughnut joint.

Jelly Modern Doughnuts
1414 8 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 453-2053

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2 responses to “Jelly Modern Doughnuts

  1. rmrzljak

    January 25, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Cool Post! We have an awesome new donut place in STL; Strange Donuts! They also have some crazy flavors like Gooey Butter and S’more! Their donuts kind of look like this lol:
    PS: The s’mores donut looks sooo good!

  2. Dawn

    January 27, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks! I’ve seen more and more speciality doughnut/donut places pop up (or at least have read about them in other cities…) – I think that doughnuts are the new cupcakes! Gooey Butter – I don’t know if I’d want to sample that though.. well.. maybe if it LOOKED good 🙂


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