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20 Jan
Tropical roll  from Sushi Hanami

Tropical roll from Sushi Hanami

Inspired by today’s Weekly Writing Challenge, I thought I’d tell you a little about what I did on my lunch break today – tried to figure out Google Plus!

A while back I set up a Google Plus (G+) profile for Happy Sushi Belly, (you might remember my frustrated post about Google Plus?) and now that WordPress has made syncing between our WordPress blog and Google Plus automatic, I’ve set up automatic posts from Happy Sushi Belly on WordPress to Happy Sushi Belly on Google Plus!

It’s been up and running, accepting posts for a while now – but in a frustrating bit of Googlefulessness (Google-fu-less-ness) I couldn’t figure out how to get the posts to go PUBLIC. They kept showing up as ‘private’. I changed a bunch of settings, and I THINK that it’s up and running now, but this post will test that theory! (I sure hated having to go in regularly, delete all of the private posts, and re-post the same things for the public!)

Like our Tumblr account, I won’t be spending too much time on G+, but if you’re using G+ to stay on top of everything you love, consider following Happy Sushi Belly there too!

Come join Happy Sushi Belly on Google Plus!

On that note, you might notice a little visual addition to our side —-> I’ve added in the graphic for the Post-A-Week challenge. I might not always post on the suggested challenge topic, but I’m going to aim to post to Happy Sushi Belly at least once a week. Stay tuned and see how I do!


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