Fanning the flames (in my mouth)

10 Jan
Sticky Ricky's Cajun food truck

Sticky Ricky’s Cajun food truck

Sticky Ricky’s, a “Gourmet Food Truck serving up amazing Cajun Inspired street eats” was my next food truck experience here in Calgary, and left me craving…. some milk!

the Canal Street Streetcar in New Orleans from my May 2012 trip

the Canal Street Streetcar in New Orleans from my May 2012 trip

Their menu was pretty small, so I went for a chicken po’boy, though I had no idea what to expect from it, or really what to expect from the menu to begin with… It was a LONG time ago since I visited a Cajun restaurant (In Edmonton – Dadeo on Whyte Avenue) and longer still since I had authentic Cajun food down in N’awlins.  (New Orleans for those of you who don’t read out-loud…)

If you follow me personally on Twitter, you might have already seen my sneak peek on Twitter!

The blackened chicken po’boy ($10.00) is seasoned with Cajun seasoning on a soft bun with coleslaw (which I’m 90% sure had onions in it…), Cajun mustard and chipotle mayonnaise.  They didn’t identify their seasoning blend, but most Cajun-style spice blends seem to be a mix of equal parts of black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano, and paprika with a double-part of salt and garlic powder along with a generous helping of red pepper flakes.  I’ve also seen recipes that add in cumin and coriander (but I’m not a fan of cumin generally…)

Along with the po’boy (which also comes with catfish instead of chicken for a dollar more) they also were offering up Red Beans and Rice, and Sweet Potatoe Poutine. Not on the outside menu, but rather on a mini white board inside the truck’s window they also offered Gumbo-laya, their mash-up of Gumbo and Jumbalaya.

The po’boy was super-messy to eat, with lots of sauce dripping down, and pieces of the cabbage slipping out regularly as I tried to eat. Still it was totally delicious. Like a lot of the other food trucks I’ve tried lately, this is definitely not ‘stand around and eat’ festival or street food; you’ll want a table and lots of napkins for this one!

It looks like they have cookies for their regular route – you can check out their full menu here:

Then follow them on Twitter to see where they’ll be next! @sticyrickysyyc

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