David’s Tea Brazillionaire

04 Jan

A black tea featuring lovely big chunks of Brazil nuts, I had high hopes for this loose leaf tea from David’s Tea. It didn’t disappoint!

Brazillionaire black tea blend from David's Tea

Brazillionaire black tea blend from David’s Tea

I mentioned Brazillionaire  in a previous post, and finally I got around to trying it! Loose it’s a bit intriguing, with highly visible raisins, coconut flakes, and then those big chunks of Brazil nuts, it looks more like muffin ingredients than something I’m going to steep up and sip on. The tea base is black tea from Sri Lanka, and then David’s Tea has gone and added those ‘natural and artificial flavourings’ that I’m starting to get a bit tired of…  (So many other premium loose leaf tea companies are able to get amazing flavours without using artificial flavouring, or unnamed flavours… catch up David!)

The scent of the tea dry is kind of sweet and nutty. It really does remind me of digging through my baking supplies – the nuttiness of the Brazil nuts and the sweetness of the raisins are pretty pronounced in the dry tea. Once it’s steeping, that sweet scent from the raisins kind of disappears, overtaken by the much more dominant nutty scent.

So what about the taste?

As much as I love pretty teas, I know you want to know about the taste, right?


Just like the original scent dry, the flavour is nutty, and just a little bit sweet and fruity.  Since I received the tea in a sample pack instead of freshly scooped from the store, there were plenty of fannings that made it through my Tuffy strainer, but that didn’t stop the flavour from leaping through.  I was in such a hurry to drink up my tea, I forgot to take a photo in fact!

If you like nutty flavours, then I highly recommend this tea. However if you’re kind of on the fence about nuts…. then you might want to just pick up a small amount to give it a sample. Of course, if you have any nut allergies, you’ll want to avoid this one. If you’re a tea purist… how boring your teacup must be! (Just kidding!) But I found the nut flavour so strong, that the tea flavour was totally lost on my palate, so if you really love a cup of tea, and aren’t too keen on adding in all sorts of other flavours to an already delicious drink, this might be another to pass on…. but don’t worry, Happy Sushi Belly has lots of other Black Teas for you to read about!

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